Astrology Jan 19 – 29 (I♒️): Beyond the Wall

Astrology Jan 19 – 29 (I♒️): Beyond the Wall

With the Sun’s entrance into Aquarius and its first decan, we step beyond the confines of Castle Capricorn. Having examined the architecture of our lives since the early days of the calendar year, it has come time to proceed past those walls.

As we enter the first decan of Aquarius, we leave the protective bounds of our castles-under-construction. With our Capricorn resolutions and blueprints either firmly underway or left by the wayside, we move on to experience the world anew, the world-this-year, which is by definition the unknown.

This decan is traditionally ruled by Venus, for there are treasures just across the boundaries of our lives and egos. Perhaps more so than any other precious thing, this place holds the joy of discovery. Thinking of this frontier space and the jewels it conceals, I am moved to think of Jung, whom I’ve been recently re-reading.

At the beginning of Aion, Jung lays out his basic theory of Self. In this framework, the Self is a vast field in which the conscious personality floats. Outside of this point of known, conscious light, there are concentric rings of obscurity. The mysterious world outside reveals itself through encounter, challenging, affirming and changing the conscious personality. Yet Jung rightly points out that the inner world does the same. There is a periphery inside, and on the other side there is much to discover. Just like the outer world, upon inspection that that inner terrain is revealed to have seemingly always been there, waiting for us. Encounters with this unknown but pre-existent Self are just as thrilling and off-putting as our discovery of new parts of the external world.

Astrology is not psychology, however it does include psychology. Astrology speaks to our encounters with both the internal Self and the external World. Thus the first decan of Aquarius represents our initial foray into the unknown, both within and without. It is at this point that discoveries are made, and the unknown begins its transformation and translation into the known. It is, of course, a delightful “coincidence” that Jung had this very decan of Aquarius rising.

We have the option to explore these new horizons as brave explorers, or as unhappy exiles. Though what we encounter is not likely to change, what we learn from and make of it most certainly will.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

While the Sun and Venus spend this decan’s span of days sending postcards from the frontier, Mercury and Pluto call us back to Castle Capricorn for an emergency meeting. Something strange has been unearthed whilst digging foundations, though whether it is an ancient tomb, a cursed relic, or some rather suspicious bones, is yet unclear. Mercury conjoins Pluto at 19 Capricorn on January 24th. Though this conjunction is modified somewhat by Mercury’s almost simultaneous sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio, the conjunction takes precedence.

The Mercury-Pluto conjunction offers the opportunity for deep contemplations, though some may find themselves lost in the subterranean tunnels which open up. Mercury-Pluto aspects have an obsessive, drilling quality that can be quite useful if properly directed. Hidden riches and old skeletons may well turn up, though not all that is buried is treasure. Some of the insights unearthed by this conjunction will be toxic, and require considerable processing before they can be handled safely. Fortunately, Jupiter in Scorpio has a strong aspect to the Mercury-Pluto conjunction, and will do its best to offer guidance to those within the tunnels, and alchemical advice for those who strike a motherlode of radioactive material.

Though Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto takes place on the 24th, and will be most active then, it will nonetheless be a meaningful influence for the entirety of this decan’s span of days.

Mars in Sagittarius: Missiles and Bullhorns

The other event of note during this decan is Mars’ exit from Scorpio. Mars has been in Scorpio since December 9th, fueling contention, releasing plagues and inspiring determination. Mars is at peak strength in the Scorpion’s nest, and so its movement into Sagittarius turns down the intensity for a bit.

In Sagittarius, Mars is louder but less deadly than in Scorpio. Though Mars’ actual potency is reduced in Sagittarius, the shift nonetheless forecasts quite a bit of boisterous noise. In Sagittarius, Mars likes to argue about ideals and considers a moral crusade a fine vacation. Nonetheless, in the Archer’s sign, Mars blesses speed, range and fervor. Mars’ time in Sagittarius also spotlights and strengthens the connection between enthusiasm and accomplishment.

Mars will crusade through Sagittarius until March 17th, at which time he will join Saturn in Capricorn.

Upcoming Eclipse: I See A Blood Moon Risin’

The Sun’s traversal of the first decan of Aquarius carries us through an encounter with the unknown within and without, with plans to drop us off at the doorstep of January 31st’s dramatic total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. There is thus a crimson mirror waiting for us at month’s end, ready to reflect back to us Self in all its uncomfortable entirety. Stay tuned, as the next decanic installment will deal thoroughly with the Lunar Eclipse, as well as the strange visions due to swarm its surface.

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  1. Julie Evans 5 years ago

    Hmmm, I have been reading Jung too for the past three weeks. I am a Pisces too. Does this mean something or nothing or communal unconscious?

    • Author
      Austin Coppock 5 years ago

      I think Jung is having a new moment. He’s re-achieved the state of strange attracter.

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Astrology Jan 19 - 29 (I♒️): Beyond the Wall

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