Astrology of Monday, June 25th 2018

Astrology of Monday, June 25th 2018

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Monday sees the Moon in Sagittarius make an active sextile with Mars in Aquarius. Usually an invigorating dose of martial vim, Mars is currently in an unusual state, being only a day out from its retrograde station. Thus the Mars-brew may taste a little off, and have some odd side effects, such as inflammation of the mood. Meanwhile, Venus in Leo completes a square with Jupiter in Scorpio. So configured, the two benefics stir up hunger for the good life, and good times. The Moon’s late-night trine to Venus further activates this aspect. There is thus an overindulgent quality to the evening, but not dangerously so.

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Aspects (PT)

Moon in Sagittarius, 2nd Quarter
Venus Square Jupiter: Jun 25 2018 10:18 AM
Moon Sextile Mars: Jun 25 2018 3:32 PM
Moon Trine Venus: Jun 26 2018 1:49 AM

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Astrology of Monday, June 25th 2018

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