Astrology of Tuesday, June 26th 2018

Astrology of Tuesday, June 26th 2018

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Not the easiest day. Tuesday begins with a somewhat disorienting Moon-Neptune square, beginning on a cloudy note. That veil lifts shortly, though, and in doing so reveals a difficult pair of events. Red Mars stations retrograde today, beginning its two-month regress through Aquarius and back into Capricorn. Mars stations inflame, and because of the directional change, tend to confuse. If you get activated, take a breather before acting. Mars retrograde conflicts tend to be especially vicious and useless. Mars will make a slow retreat until the end of August, when it stations direct at the end of Capricorn.

As if Mars’ station was not drama enough for Tuesday’s skies, today is also the day the Sun makes its annual opposition with Saturn. This mid-point in the Sun-Saturn cycle lends duties, obligations and necessities extra weight, laying so much emphasis on what should that it can be difficult to appreciate what is.

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Aspects (PT)

Moon in Sagittarius, 2nd Quarter
Moon Square Neptune: Jun 26 2018 5:55 AM
Sun Opposite Saturn: Jun 27 2018 6:27 AM
Mars Stations Retrograde: Jun 26 2018 2:05 PM

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Astrology of Tuesday, June 26th 2018

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