The Decans: Images and Applications

The Decans:
Images and Applications 8 Recording Series


Originally taught in 2015, complete recordings of this 8-week class are now available for instant download!

The decans, a division of each sign into three 10-degree sections also known as the zodiac's 36 faces, offer astrology a tremendous level of texture and depth. Though long-neglected, the decans conceal a gleaming hoard of riches — a gallery of images with inestimable value to the student of esotericism.

This 8-series class, totaling nearly 15 hours, explores the application of the decans to astrology. We’ll take the time to explore the rich historical symbolism of each face and look at examples which illustrate the themes which the ancient images allude to.

In addition to spending time with each and every one of the 36 decans, we’ll also cover the general rules which concern their use. We’ll deal with what “dignity by face” is and how it works in practice. Furthermore, we’ll also take a look at how the decans have been used in various magical systems, and go over the traditional method for creating talismans based on the decans.


What you get: Eight recordings, two hours each. They are in MP4 video format, with audio over an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Files are instantly available to download after purchase in an email and from the My Account section.

Cost: $150


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Images and Applications 8 Recording Series

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