Intro to Planetary Magic 4 Recording Series

Intro to Planetary Magic 4 Recording Series


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Originally taught as a 4-week class in 2015, the complete recordings of this class are now available for purchase and instant download!

This class introduces the various methods of traditional planetary magic.  The class defines the species of such practices, such as regular observances, petitions and the creation of talismans.  The methods individual to practice each is explained, as is the theoretical and philosophical background necessary.  In addition to lecture and discussion, the class will also consist of a number of experiments for students to conduct and later analyze.  “Introduction to Planetary Magic” aims not only to provide methods and experience to practitioners, but also to prepare them adequately to make use of historical texts such as the Picatrix or the Three Books of Occult Philosophy.


What you get: 4-recordings, 1.5-2 hours each. They are in MP4 video format, with audio over an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Files are instantly available to download after purchase in an email and from the My Account section.

Cost: $100

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Intro to Planetary Magic 4 Recording Series

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    An excellent introduction to the study of astrological magic, coving the history, theory and practice of this ancient and powerful art. There are practical exercises, as well as outlines for petitions, attunements and talismans. A perfect class for beginners with enough meat for the advanced practitioner as well. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to practice astrological magic.

  2. TS

    Excellent, I’m so grateful for this class. Austin is a fantastic teacher and makes all this information practical and accessible. Buying it as a pre-recorded class however, it is missing the worksheets and handouts that give these lessons real-world applicability. I would be able to put this info to use if I had access to those handouts.

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