Astrology 20th-26th: How Pearls Are Made

Astrology 20th-26th: How Pearls Are Made

  The week begins with the New Moon in Pisces on Tuesday, just days after the Sun’s entry into the sodden sign and a mere pair of degrees away from Neptune.  This lunation sets the stage for a rather disorienting plunge into the depths.

The middle of the week, especially Wednesday, is troubled by Mercury’s opposition to retrograde Mars, which calls us to complete tasks and keep a schedule while the chaos continues to leak into our tiny submersibles.  On Thursday, the Sun aspects both Chiron and Jupiter, bringing old wounds to the surface yet offering homeopathic perspectives on the same.  Friday and Saturday’s Aries Moon adds a little rowdiness to atmosphere, pulling us out of navels, while Sunday sees the Moon shift into Taurus, smoothing out a bumpy week.

New Moon in Pisces:  Undersea Vistas

 The New Moon in Pisces occurs this Tuesday,  seeding a powerful yet disorienting lunar cycle.  This one calls the sub-conscious to high tide, dredging up forgotten feelings, sunken treasure and a few strange deep-sea creatures.   It is a psycho-spiritual tour of our personal undersea palaces,  fascinating and fruitful, yet far away from surface happenings, which have no intention of pausing long enough give us a meditative vacation.  There is a tension between external and internal matters which runs through this week, as well as the coming month.

Mercury Opposes Mars:  Sand In The Vaseline

On Wednesday Mercury opposes retrograde Mars in Virgo.  Gently drifting thoughts are conscripted into the service of concrete agendas.  Miscommunications, missing communications and an irritated tone to thoughts float about the middle of the week, especially Wednesday.  Take some time out from whatever reverie you’ve been sucked into to attend to the duties you’ve signed yourself up for.  There are a number of astral impediments to speedy and direct communication right now, so be patient and prepared to do a little handholding if you’re working with people on projects that need to be accomplished pronto.

Chiron in Pisces:  Underwater Therapy W/ Dr. Horsec**k

On Thursday, the Sun conjoins Chiron in Pisces.  The spotlight shines deep beneath the waters, illuminating old wounds and insecurities.  There is a chance here to do some serious soul-searching, though you can expect to encounter some tender tissues before you get to the pearls.

Though the Sun may be conjoined Chiron, both are also configured by sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, which provides for an easy translation from insight into growth and takes the edge off the negativity that sometimes infects people during Chiron-centered configurations.

No horoscopes this week.  New ones go up next Monday, the 27th.

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  1. Michele White 11 years ago

    interesting… there was overheard talk during PantheaCon about pearls being made from the tension of events!

  2. Tina Marie 11 years ago

    Yesterday (Wednesday), I dropped my phone in water.  That’s some trouble with communication right there. Damnit.

  3. Missvixen77 11 years ago

    Yesterday we had a power outage, 120 mph winds, a blazing brush fire and evacuations

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Astrology 20th-26th: How Pearls Are Made

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