Astrology of Sunday, April 29th 2018

Astrology of Sunday, April 29th 2018

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The Full Moon in Scorpio dominates Sunday’s astrology. As I wrote of it in “Beneath the Fields,” my decanic piece about this slice of days:

“The light of the Full Moon falls onto the fields as a drill-bit composed of silver light. The penetrative power of this drill is significantly intensified by the Mars-Pluto conjunction, which will still be quite close. This Full Moon is thus set to bring to the surface much that lies beneath. Hidden veins of silver will be exposed, as will buried bodies and rivers of concealed passion. The riches of the underworld are always in part perilous, and though we would be foolish to wholly refuse them, we would be similarly unwise to accept them uncritically. The dark flow of the Plutonian fountain is neither medicine nor poison, but one or the other, depending on one’s capacity to metabolize it. It may be, with proper processing and refinement, that what rises to the surface under this lunation is, in fact, the perfect fertilizer for this year’s cultivations.”

Simply put, there is an intense and potentially toxic current running through this Full Moon. Give yourself, and others, the space to process what Luna outlines in silver.

Horoscopes & Ongoing Influences

Aspects (PST)

Moon in Scorpio, Full Moon
Moon Sextile Saturn: Apr 29 4:49 PM
Full Moon: Apr 29 5:58 PM
Moon Square Nodes: Apr 29 7:34 PM
Moon Trine Neptune: Apr 30 5:35 AM

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Astrology of Sunday, April 29th 2018

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