Astrology June 6th-12th: The Scales Swing

Astrology June 6th-12th: The Scales Swing

June’s game-changing pace continues with a week that oscillates between  solemn and hyperactive.  Venus enters Gemini on Thursday, splitting in two to fly Doublemint-style through the rest of this month’s whirlwind.  Meanwhile,  Saturn in Libra’s direct station casts a deep shadow over the week, shrouding it in serious thoughts.  Retrograde since January, the slow planet’s about-face is an important turning point.

Venus Enters Gemini: Double Your…

This Thursday Venus makes her way out of Taurus’ lazy pastures and enters the nerdcore arcades of Gemini.  In Gemini, Venus will stimulate the verbal side of relationships, inspiring word play and games.

The passions move swiftly under her auspices, flipping from one object of curiosity to another, like Tinkerbell after a few lines of coke.  Venus will be in Gemini until July 3rd, when she passes into Cancer.

Venus’ movement through Gemini initiates an emotional exploration of the issues raised by the partial solar eclipse in Gemini last week, forcing the old twins Love and Hate to come to terms.  Or at least talk.

Saturn Direct:  Gavel Bangin’

Retrograde since January 25th, Saturn stations direct at 10’27” Libra this Sunday.  Saturn will pursue a direct course until February of 2012, when the old judge does an about face in the last degree of Libra.

Saturn’s direct station signals that the last 5 months of tinkering with life’s blueprints is over, and that construction is to proceed along the lines laid down.  The station sees us condensing what we’ve learned over the preceding seasons and applying it to the projects that lie before us.

Scales in hand, the Old Judge looks out from under the hood of his thick, dark robes.  He pulls back the hood to reveal two faces- a living Janus.  Each set of eyes gazes to opposing sides of Justice’s scales.  Your gaze follows that of the Old Judge, your vision doubling then quadrupling.  The scales split along every axis, stretched across height, depth, width, time, spirit and more.

What was first a simple scale now appears an upside down chandelier of stunning geometrical symmetry, reflected in more dimensions than your mind can hold onto.  The manifold scales react to your gaze upon them, little cups swinging as the balance of your life is calculated with relentless precision by the strange device.

Nee-lanjana sama-basam ravee-putram yema-grajam chaya-martanda sam-bootam tam namahmee sanee-charam!

(Traditional Sanskrit Mantra for Saturn rendered phonetically.  Courtesy of


Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer.  However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate.  In addition to referring to your Sun sign, read your from Ascendant and Moon if you know them.  If you don’t, find out. I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at

Oh, and if you’re still concerned that your sign has changed, get a little clarity here.


Aries:  The Ram

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday sees an increase in the amount of pleasant and potentially time consuming conversations.  Enjoy yourself while making the rounds, but don’t forget you have a job to do.  A job that involves being obnoxious.

Saturn’s direct station in Libra this week sees the structure of your relationships concretizing.  A period of considering different ideas about how to relate to people most effectively ends and you begin moving forward with what wisdom you’ve distilled.


Taurus: The Bull

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday will highlight the divergence between income and expenses for the next several weeks.  There may be a little sugar here, but the influence this week is primarily a call to really examine what you’re putting in vs. what you’re taking out.

Saturn’s direct station this week reveals how much progress you’ve made with your habits since Saturn stationed retrograde in January.  This week’s direct station is a call to take what you’ve learned about how to maintain a balanced fiscal and physical regimen and begin moving forward again.


Gemini:  The Twins

Venus’ movement into your sign on Thursday initiates a several week focus on integrating different pieces of yourself, finding unity between your oft-times conflicting passions.

Saturn’s direct station this week shines a few indigo rays on the corrections you’ve made to your use of energy since January.  The intention here is to be as efficient as possible in translating your energy and enthusiasm into meaningful changes in your life.  Spend a second with Saturn this week considering what you done right, and what you didn’t.


Cancer:  The Crab

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday begins a several week period which plunges your passions into the confusing multi-dimensional labyrinth of your subconscious.  Expect some interesting revelations as well as a few weird mood-swings.  Weirder than usual.

Saturn’s direct station this week spotlights the changes that’ve occurred in your living situation since January.  As Saturn prepares to move forward, consider how important steady foundations are to your work, as well as how you’re going to maintain what equilibrium you’ve achieved.


Leo:   The Lion

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday begins a several week period that highlights where you exist in the great social web.  What connects you to people, and keeps you connected?

Saturn’s direct station this week spotlights adjustments you’ve made to your routine since January.  Consider the value created by structuring your time efficiently as you look to the coming season.


Virgo:  The Virgin

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday puts you in position to receive accolades for your professional work, though the recent eclipse indicates that the feedback may be little bit more complicated than simple praise.

Saturn’s direct station this week points toward the adjustments  to your bottom line that have since January.  As you look to the coming season, make sure the ratio of income/expenses is relatively sane.   There’s a reason they call that number in your checkbook a “balance.”


Libra:  The Scales

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday brings your passions into alignment with your long term goals.  However, if you’ve been unable to pick which road to travel down, your anxiety about the decision will be forefront.

Saturn’s direct station in your sign this week calls for you to take a look back at the personal changes that have occurred since January.  You’re being asked to become what you’ve always secretly been- a ruthless calculator of ratio and relationship, capable of grace and precision.  All are weighed accurately in your perfectly proportioned hands-  you are become the Scales!  So stop complaining.


Scorpio:  The Scorpion

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday opens a multiple week period of  emotional ambivalence for you in regard to your relationships.  Expect to feel an  oscillating love-hate about your connections.

Saturn’s direct station in Libra this week asks you to look over the changes you’ve made about the way you deal with your issues over the last 5 months.   You may want to consider negotiating a more favorable treaty with your inner demons for the coming season.


Sagittarius: The Archer

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday lights up your social life, and will for several weeks.  There’s activity here, but some of the relationships in the spotlight are more complicated than you might like.

Saturn’s direct station in Libra this week points towards the changes to your social network that have taken place since January.  Lessons about friends and allies both figure heavily here.  It’s time to consider what you’ve learned about linking yourself to others.


Capricorn:  The Goat

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday reveals how your feelings inform your habits.   Take the time to make sure your being honest with yourself about why you do what you do.

Saturn’s direct station in Libra this week points towards the changes in your professional life that have taken place since January.  Hopefully you’ve found a more balanced position to move forward from.  Saturn’s direct station this week is a big pivot point for you this year.


Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday powers up your creativity.  But between you and what you might make is what you have already set in motion.  You may need to deal with the past before you can create future.

Saturn’s direct station in Libra this week points toward the changes to your long term plans which have taken place since January.  This week you end a period of tinkering with your big picture and enter a phase focused on moving forward according to the blueprints being inked.


Pisces:  The Fishes

Venus’ movement into Gemini on Thursday will see you really enjoy and truly abhor the advantages and disadvantages of your current living situation.  Your feelings about “being here” have roots that go deeper than the floor beneath you, though.  Follow those tendrils down and you might learn something.

Saturn’s direct station in Libra this week highlights the agreements you have with people, and how they’ve changed since January.  It highlights exchanges of all sorts, and the unwritten contracts that define them.  Give those understandings a thoughtful glance as you get ready to move forward into the next season.


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Astrology June 6th-12th: The Scales Swing

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