At The Delta

At The Delta


The Moon wanes over a transitional week.   Things begin with Mars’ undersea conjunction to Neptune in Pisces.  The pair is joined early in the week by Mercury, who enters Pisces on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Venus in Aquarius makes some very pleasant aspects to Uranus and Jupiter before grinding into a square with Saturn over the weekend.  The week, and the lunar cycle, come to an end with Saturday night’s New Moon in Aquarius.

The waters continue to rise this week, but high tide is still some time away.   For now we navigate the delta and mill about the harbor.  Here we make out last plans before heading out into the mindsea, whose waves we will sail for some time.


Mercury splashes into Pisces this Tuesday.   Pisces being the traditional fall of Mercury, the swift planet has a hard time keeping the facts straight and the trains running on time in the maritime sign.  Thoughts and communications spin, circumambulate and sidestep- moving in any direction but a straight line.  There is a wonderful ability to tap into the half-formed mythopoeic core of reality here, but finding the right words can be a problem.

In Pisces, Mercury joins both Mars and Neptune.  The three spend much of the week in close proximity.   Mercury and Mars’ conjunction normally presides over harsh words and angry thoughts, but Neptune’s energy diffuses, conceals and abstracts such conflicts.   It is a mysterious and powerful triad, but not one easily put into words.

The correct course of action is not clear here- objects squirm to escape definition.  The clear path is stolen by rising waters.

This confusion of the way forward will grow in the coming weeks, as Mercury does not plan to zip through Pisces.  The messenger will turn retrograde on Feb. 22nd and direct on March 17th.  Even after the direct station, it will take until April 13th for Mercury to finally leave Pisces.

Pleasure and Pain

Meanwhile, Venuscuffs in Aquarius spends the first half of the week with Uranus and Jupiter.   In a trine, Venus and Jupiter offer luxury and abundance, good times and easy relations.   Uranus adds a little kick to this combo, electrifying the energy.  Stimulating, social and pleasant, there’s little to convict this combination.

Venus completes her aspects to Uranus and Jupiter on Wednesday.  After this, Venus moves toward a much more challenging square with Saturn in Scorpio, which she completes on Sunday.  The square constrains feelings with obligation and good times with deadlines.  There is a level of emotional compression here, but the Venus-Saturn friction also offers a chance to square your passions with your obligations.  Ultimately, desire and restriction need not conflict.  A little bondage never killed anyone.

Ship Shape

The New Moon in Aquarius comes Saturday.  This lunation is, in a sense, our last chance to bring things to order before we depart on our Piscean voyage.  Think of it as spending time in a port city, planning for the sea journey you’re about to take.  You can’t resupply on the open sea, nor is it so easy to patch that leaky vessel.  Pick your crew and check your rigging, because you’ll be shipping out soon enough.



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  1. DarwinChun 10 years ago

    on point, as always, mr. coppockalypse. ;)i will be sure to follow your advice and get my shit together before someone drops acid into the pool lol.  cheers-samurai

  2. loverofstones1 10 years ago

    I just discoverd this site an  I am fascinated!  I’ve been a student of Astrology for 15 years now but ever since I was 9 yrs old I was aware of Astrology and was extremely interested in it.  Of course, I am a Virgo!

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