Dream The Cure: Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius

Dream The Cure: Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius

Can You Smell What The Water-Bearer Is Cookin?

Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, big ideas and growth, conjoins Neptune, the planet of huge ideas, pure fantasy and mysticism in Aquarius, the sign of objective self awareness and macro-analysis.   The combined streams of Jupiter and Neptune mix to form a heady psychotropic brew.  Visions of possible futures weave in and out of the steam rising from the Water Bearer’s cauldron.  Chiron adds blood from old wounds to the potion, and demands the visionary trip be a healing journey.  This triple conjunction, or stellium, took place in May, June and July of 2009 until Jupiter retrograded out of configuration.  Jupiter will rejoin Neptune and Chiron in December of 09.

Dreaming The Future, Fixing The Present

When a person was sick, some native American tribes would have them search their dreams for a cure.  This is exactly what the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction calls for, on both a collective and personal level.  You may sleep to dream the cure, but end up distracted by the scenery of the spirit world.  This configuration promises an interesting set of visions are there for those who choose to quaff the dreamy brew of planetary energies.  The following is a brief survey of the landscapes, pathways and distractions likely to emerge under the auspices of the multi-month Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction.

The mind will likely to be drawn to discourses outside the ordinary.  Alternative history, conspiracy theory, UFO-ology, occultism, astrology and more are all likely to have a more powerful draw during the coming months.  It’s an excellent time to get your woo-woo on, but the same influence that makes it easier to enter deeply into these frameworks also makes people more gullible.  Suspend your disbelief, don’t leave it in a gutter bleeding.  You’ll probably need it again someday.  Never underestimate the practicality of negative thinking.

Within political and economic arenas, we’re likely to see futuristic and bold agendas emerge into the limelight.  Electric cars, clean power, world peace; courageous schemes and addled dreams will all get their share of the dialogue in the months to come.

Within the sphere of entertainment the conjunction stimulates interest in science fiction, utopia/dystopia, as well as anything with a labyrinthine intellectual component.  A quick glance at the movie theater reveals that these themes will be in full force over the coming months.

On a personal level, this one is likely to have widely varied effects.  Some will have truly powerful, mystical experiences, while others will find that the rabbit hole leads to batshit crazy.  The truly visionary and completely delusional appear equally solid under the combined beams of Jupiter and Neptune.  It is a fine time to build castles of air, but the Baron would caution against moving into them right away.  Enjoy.

Abbreviated from original post on May 18th, 2009.

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Dream The Cure: Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius

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