Holding Water: Jupiter in Aquarius

Holding Water: Jupiter in Aquarius

Aquarius’ symbol is the “water-bearer,” pouring the mana from heaven down onto the hungry masses below.   Jupiter is often represented with a cup, as well, pouring out benefic goodness.  In Aquarius, the benefit that Jupiter has to offer is the inspiration of ideals.  Ideals are the stars in our sky which we may connect in order to envision a new order- a healthier system for the world and for our individual lives.  It reminds us of the eternal value of independence of thought, speech, love and action, limited only by the freedom of others to do the same.  It will be an electric stream of energy to bathe our minds in, and a welcome relief from the pragmatic lessons of Jupiter in Capricorn.

Dashboard Jesus

In Vedic, or Indian, astrology Jupiter is called “guru,” meaning teacher, for the planet rules growth and it is the teacher that nurtures the seed within one.  In many spiritual traditions, one stays focused on their intention to grow by concentrating on an image of a teacher or deity that represents what they are trying to learn.  If you aspire to compassion, put Jesus on your altar.  If a mastery of strategy is your goal, buy a plastic Guan Yu.   In this tradition, the Baron puts a teacher-deity on display to provide a focal point for Jupiter’s lessons this year.

Guru Profile:  St. Abe of the Beard

Although originally a mortal president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was deified after his death.  With this, Lincoln joined  a long line of semi divine heroes, such as Heracles, Jesus, and Gilgamesh.  The result of a coupling between a mortal man and “Lady Liberty,” the American goddess of social ideals, Abe was raised in a mortal household unaware of his divine heritage.  Like all semi-divine figures, Lincoln’s eventual assassination ties his spiritual lineage to a bevy of Christian martyrs as well as the previously mentioned gaggle of demigods.

He is often referred to by Americans as “Honest Abe.”  He is portrayed in ritual by a child wearing a fake beard and a stove-pipe hat.   Honesty, equality, diversity and a willingness to fight and die for ideals are his sacred virtues.

By placing an idol of Lincoln carved from a cherry tree and sanctified with the blood of a patriot on the altar, it will strengthen one’s ideals, expand the scope of vision, grant foresight, and provide the courage to carry out difficult long term plans.

The key to Abe’s  success lies in the fact that he was willing to undertake the nightmarish practical obstacles to making ideals concrete.  There are many idealistic men and women, but few are able to find a way to translate those ideals into reality.  The few that do are rarely able to continue in the face of the compromises that must be made.

Jupiter in Aquarius first teaches us to look up and remember our ideals.  Inspired, we are directed to look at the earth beneath us.  Then we are left to engineer the compromise.  How does the manna get from heaven to earth?

American Bodhittsatva

Barack Obama was born with Jupiter in Aquarius, and has already moved to emulate St. Abe.  Obama’s appointments for his political cabinet are inspired by Lincoln’s strategy, the so-called “Team of Rivals” approach.  Men and women of conflicting purposes and opinions are gathered together here in order to provide a diverse counsel on policy.  This prevents the emergence of yes-men in key posts and also keeps political factions from feeling isolated.  Instead, it inspires the factions to compete for the president’s favor rather than plotting against him.  In fractious times, when division is the chief obstacle to successfully engaging the problems of the day, it is a wise strategy.

Given the fact that Obama is the first black American president, and that Abe’s historical achievement was to abolish the slavery of black Americans, many dedicated Obamites are currently considering whether Barack is not, in fact, the reincarnation of Lincoln himself.  Tibetan reincarnation experts are known to be studying the case, and promise results by the end of the year.

Guru and Friends

This year, Jupiter is not alone in Aquarius.  Distant blue Neptune is there, and so is Chiron, the small, sparkly planetoid between Uranus and Saturn.

Neptune stimulates the idealistic side of Jupiter in Aquarius, making it more prone to utopianism.  It enlarges the scope of things to the point it stretches the imagination itself.  Such visions may be enthralling and inspiring, but they often find a way to interfere with what must be done.

The planetoid Chiron opens old wounds for the purpose of healing scars.  In Aquarius, the wound is alienation from the world-system.  Jupiter’s conjunction to Chiron will help facilitate this healing.

Jupiter in Aquarius Horoscopes

Note on Horoscopes:  12 fold horoscopes are a way to assess the general condition of the splayed rays of the zodiac.  Although not without value, they are a blunt tool, and can only describe the archetypal activity in each power-zone.  In order to sharpen the accuracy of the horoscopes, read your Sun Sign if you were born in the daytime, and read your Moon Sign if you were born at night.  Read your Ascendant, if you know it.

For information on where the Ascendant and Moon are in your natal chart, check out the accurate, free, chart calculation programs at astro.com and khaldea.com.

Aries: The Ram

Jupiter in Aquarius will open social doors for you, extending your web of contacts.  Potential benefits come through association with like-minded folk.  Don’t be shy, or rude, for that matter.  Avoid idealizing the new people you meet, though.  Although Jupiter will put you in contact with many people, you’ll likely have to weed out a number.

Taurus: The Bull

Jupiter in Aquarius is intent on providing career opportunities for you.  You’re likely to gain greater perspective about how your work in this world fits into the big picture.  You’ll be challenged to pull your head out of the ass of your personal needs and take a look at how what you do affects the whole. This sense of context is important, and will help steer you towards the proper place.

Gemini:  The Twins

Jupiter in Aquarius will stimulate your desire to know and explore the world.  Travel through the worlds of both mind and matter will engorge your perspective.  It is not the most practical influence, although it does promise to fascinating.  Keep your feet on the ground, even if they are moving fast.

Cancer:  The Crab

Jupiter in Aquarius stimulates your desire for the forbidden.  Primarily psychological, Jupiter’s presence in Aquarius will see lessons emerging from behind the veil of your own taboos and personal boundaries.  As you are challenged to adjust your personal boundaries, greater opportunities for energy exchange between yourself and others emerges.  This position favors partnerships of many kinds.

Leo:   The Lion

Jupiter in Aquarius will be teaching most of its lessons from the pulpit of your relationships.  You will benefit from listening to and being inspired by other people’s perspectives.  Don’t let yourself get caught in other people’s fantasies, though.  Make an effort to understand people’s dreams without becoming imprisoned by them.

Virgo: The Virgin

Jupiter in Aquarius will do less for you than most folks.  Some benefits at work and to your personal health may result, but this one’s not poised to change your life.  To do that, you’d have to get over the whole “huge insecurity” thing.

Libra:   The Scales

Jupiter in Aquarius will enlarge the scope of fun in your life.  It will stimulate your creativity and open doors to good times you didn’t were there.  However, there is the possibility that you will be tempted to convert money into fun on an all-too-consistent basis.  Jupiter’s position over the coming year also stimulates the love-life, which will go through an important transformation this March and April.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion

Jupiter in Aquarius will help to consolidate your home base. A more pimped out Scorp-hole and greater feelings of support are the likely results.   Be certain to use whatever benefits your foundation accrues to stand up and reach for something.  Like flying tacos.

Sagittarius:  The Archer

Jupiter in Aquarius will provide abundant social opportunities, as well as keys to different enclaves in your local stomping grounds.  Jupiter’s position in Aquarius may also stimulate you to share what’s on your mind a bit more freely.  Freedom  is indeed what you’ll need while Jupiter floats through Aquarius.  You’ll lose out on opportunities if you’re not flexible enough to pursue them.

Capricorn:  The Goat

Jupiter in Aquarius will help put a little money in your pocket.  It will also give you some important lessons on what is, indeed, truly valuable to you.  Tread with caution around get rich quick schemes.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer

Jupiter comes home to you this year.  Jupiter’s passage through your sign and inevitable conjunction with you will see your perspective and confidence swell.  This temporary infusion will help you, and others, see just how right you really are, and have been all along.  Or maybe it will just feel that way.

Pisces:  The Fish

Jupiter in Aquarius will end up teaching you all sorts of interesting things about yourself this year.  Things you pretend you’d like to know, but really, it’ll be one of those pain in the ass growth things.  Your perspective expands as your embrace your shadow.

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Holding Water: Jupiter in Aquarius

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