Jupiter in Leo: Going Nova

Jupiter in Leo: Going Nova


The following is an excerpt from the 2014 Astrological Almanac. This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, an ephemeris, and more. The 2015 Astrological Almanac is available now. 

July 2014 – August 2015

From July 16th, 2014 until August 11th, 2015, Jupiter will be in Leo.   In the lion’s sign, the big planet offers opportunities to more fully enact our in-born potential.  Expansions of reputation and the growth of self confidence are the rewards for this task, a fall into egotism the risk.

solaranatomyCore and Corona

Jupiter’s work is always to expand, and in Leo, this expansion occurs in the solar sphere of our lives.  Much like the actual Sun, this portion of our being has several layers.   At the center is the clear, nuclear light of spirit which inhabits us.  However, as that radiance moves toward the periphery, it becomes what we call identity and eventually just image.  Jupiter’s time in Leo throws fuel into this great fire, triggering an expansion on all levels.

Know Thyself

On a spiritual level, Jupiter in Leo catalyzes experiences of the deep self, those rays of self which direct our lives on a fundamental level.  The answers to core existential questions frolic amidst these beams. As these energies speed into manifestation, they encounter and enliven the mass of ideas we have about ourselves- the identity. Jupiter’s time in Leo helps clarify the organization of the identity, helping us to build a sense of self that is in line with the fundamental will of our spirit.  We are not just a history of events, we are spirits seeking to do our will as perfectly as possible.  The big planet opens our eyes to the fact that we could be more than we currently are, because we are more. Jupiter in Leo strengthens the connection to our ego ideal- the self we’d like to be- and provides a vision of how to further embody it. The embrace of potential is a wonderful thing, but if we do not carry that ray further, into action, we will lose its power. The final part of the process is the embodiment and enactment of this ray of self.  Many will find opportunities to increase the number of people who are aware of them.  Public accolades and honors for deeds done are among the blessings which Jupiter in Leo is wont to bestow.  Podiums arise and stages are set. As always, these gifts are not received equally by those here upon the earth.  Those whose lives depend most on recognition and reputation, such as actors and politicians, will be happier than others for Jupiter in Leo’s gifts.

Sun Stroke

Jupiter is capable of good work in Leo- the planet is by no means hamstrung there.  Yet the potential benefits are likely to generate a variety of toxic byproducts. The expansion of the ego to incorporate more of the qualities of the ego-ideal can lead to overidentification with gifts and virtues and a light-blindness to the weakness and vice still within one.  Inflammation of the ego results in self-righteousness and self-importance.  When the internal process of ego-expansion is coupled with the love of an audience or a cheering crowd, the inflammation is all the harder to prevent.  If you find yourself being appreciated and praised to a degree you are unused to, take care to check excessive growth. This disease of the identity is one of the dark alleys the bright rays of Jupiter in Leo might lead us down.  Another is resentment.  Within the celebratory crowd there will always be someone to whom this elevation is a threat.  Envy and jealousy are not uncommon human states, and it is easy to forget in the midst of celebration that there is never enough crowd to elevate everyone.  The wise are thus reminded to stay humble.  Though excellence may have played a role, all triumph is due, in part, to fickle Fortune, for would her wheel have spun the another way, the crowd would be lifting another on their shoulders.  Meanwhile, if you find yourself amongst the cheering mob, do not waste your time resenting the one praised.  If you are worthy, then your day will come, though likely not on the date of your choosing.  Learn to be content with your own estimation of yourself.  If it is rooted in truth, others will come to see it.

Sun Bathing

Jupiter’s time in Leo offers insights into the source of self, the growth of confidence and the increase of one’s power to perform.  Yet those who bathe too long in their own reflected light are at high risk for  cancerous ego-growth.  Strength does not gather for its own sake, but to accomplish the Work.



Jupiter in Leo native Will Ferrell fights the good fight against solar excess.

Jupiter in Leo native Will Ferrell fights the good fight against solar excess.

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  1. Wendy 7 years ago

    Outstanding. Surfing the web today attempting to relax, many thoughts floating through my mind, found your website. I am a Leo, now 60yo with Saturn Returns; rough seas. Your post is on point for me and the chatter in my head was confirmed.
    Thank You. Peace. Wfuller

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Jupiter in Leo: Going Nova

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