Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10th, beginning the planet’s 13-month tenure in the sign of the Scorpion. This ingress ends the series of Jupiter-Uranus oppositions which plagued 2017, and begins a new phase in the big planet’s journey, which will last until November 8th, 2018. In Scorpio, Jupiter blesses bold expeditions into the underworld, and teaches the methods by which the shadow-self might be claimed and integrated. Lessons also abound on living with fierce purpose, as well as the power of intimacy to heal.

As he crosses from Libra into Scorpio, Jupiter points his scepter at the ground. The stones respond, backing away from each other, opening to provide a point of entrance into the underworld. The faint echoed splash of subterranean rivers can be heard echoing up, and fainter still, the red hot bubbling of magmic flows.

This aperature is not merely an entrance. It is also an exit, a point of egress. It is a point of connection between the realm of the terrestrial and the chthonic, the living and the dead, the body and the soul.

It is an odd terrain for the happy planet, as Jupiter’s essential nature uplifts the earthly toward celestial heights in order to provide a lofty and holistic perspective. Jupiter is buoyant, distant and jolly by disposition, and thus there is a contrast with the quality of the reality tunnels which the Scorpion presides over. These paths crisscross the space under the surface, like a network of caves, or the spiderweb of veins and arteries beneath the skin.

There is wisdom to be found in these intimate reaches. The hidden channels, slick with blood and hot with libidinal vapors, conceal truths found no where else.

During this trip into and through the underworld, Jupiter takes on the appearance of Christ harrowing Hell or Brihispati descending to the underworld to teach the Daityas. On a human level, this is a teacher working in a prison, or a chaplain ministering in the midst of war. The intention is good, the help is needed, but the experience may change the helper in expected ways.

Mars and Jupiter

In Scorpio, Jupiter finds itself in a sign ruled by Mars. The relationship between these planets, the jolly priest and fierce warrior, is a mixed one. Jupiter is good-natured, philosophically and spiritually minded, and optimistic. Contrarily, Mars is harsh, hot-tempered, task-oriented and pragmatic. In schemes which plot out friendship and enmity between the planets, Mars and Jupiter are sometimes considered friendly, sometimes neutral and sometimes enemies.

If we take the figures commonly associated with the two planets, the priest-philosopher and the warrior, we can see how the warrior benefits from the priest’s wisdom and blessing, and the priest-philosopher benefits from the practicality and protection the warrior provides. Some combinations of these two principles are quite positive. One might look to the Shaolin temple, as well as other martial monasteries, where the introduction of warrior training made the monks capable of defending their home and maintaining their physical health long enough to practice in old age. Yet other collisions of the martial and the jovial, such as the religious sanctification of war, can be disastrous. While Jupiter seeks to uplift martial practice to the level of a Way, Mars threatens to turn Jupiter’s ideals into mere bludgeons — moral cudgels.

A Mandala of Paths and Teachers

Traditionally, it is primarily Jupiter which determines religious or spiritual bent in the chart. Jupiter’s position and condition speak to what wisdom a person is receptive to, and what quality of teachers they will encounter. Though this orientation is fixed, to some degree, by the natal chart, Jupiter’s 12 year tour of the skies sees the planet bless certain insights and practices as it roams, opening and closing certain pathways along the way.

In Scorpio, Jupiter points towards those spiritual methods which do not shy away from ego, sex, hunger, aggression, intimacy, and death. These are, for the most part, heretical methods, as it is precisely this list of topics which are seen as inimical to spirit in most orthodox religions.

Here we see practices such as manasati death meditations of Buddhism, the ritual contemplation of the many dismemberments and diseases which bring biological life to an end. So too is revealed the value of mediumship, ancestor work and other necromantic delights. Jupiter in Scorpio also spotlights methods of sexual magic and alchemy, which turn the vital and psychic power of the ecstatic act toward specific spiritual ends. Also featured are those pathways which involve a confrontation with the dark— the work of exorcists and psychoanalysts. Jupiter’s time in Scorpio smiles upon the alchemical transmutation of poisons, psychic and otherwise. Similarly blessed are martial paths, which forge the body and soul in the heat of ordeal.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

While some wisdom reveals itself gently, as a lover disrobes, other insights are less inviting, and it is these to which Jupiter in Scorpio orients us. Indeed, some truths reside within temples with gates guarded by terrifying monstrosities.

There are many truths about our world which are not comforting. If spiritual growth is not an escape from the world, but instead a process of coming to know it more thoroughly and intimately, than it is inevitable that we will learn things which at first terrify.

The primordial truth upon which we fear to gaze is the fact of biological death. Not only our own, but that of all we will ever know. Yet scores of saints and philosophers have gleaned their finest wisdom in knowledge and conversation with the skull, for death is a teacher without parallel.

Though the product of these dialogues is in many cases fruitful, the confrontation with mortality is fraught with fear, anger, and a host of other rejective sentiments. While these feelings exist as signposts along the way to wisdom, they are not wisdom themselves. Many mistake their fears for hidden truths, simply because they’ve stashed those fears away. Fears are a necessary component in the alchemical procedure by which the elixir of revelation is produced, but they are not the elixir itself.

Halloween Wisdom

In Scorpio, Jupiter asks us to look for wisdom in dark places. All stories have the potential to be a vehicle for wisdom, and horror stories are no exception. Jupiter in Scorpio thus points us toward the philosophical content of horror, and the horror content of philosophy. The intersection between these two spheres is explored deliciously in Eugene Thacker’s three part “Horror and Philosophy” series, which might serve as a suitable bible for Jupiter’s time in Scorpio.

When we look to horror for lessons, we find adversarial gurus, the villains and monsters our teachers. We encounter the dark genius of Dr. Hannibal Lector, and the immortal and amoral perspectives of Anne Rice’s vampires. Jupiter in Scorpio thus challenges our moral certainty by inviting us to debate with the devil.

Drink To The Dead

There is a river which flows through all creatures, and it is composed of blood. That river stretches back from every creature now living to the first organisms ever to grace this planet. Its current connects all lifeforms, living and dead, in a great delta of streams.

Jupiter in Scorpio blesses work which reaches beyond the veil to honor the dead. When we honor and acknowledge the departed it creates a doorway which opens in both directions, a point of intersection which allows for exchange between the present and the past. Yet it is important, in honoring the dead, not to be consumed by them. There is more to you than the sum of your ancestry, just as there is more to the future than the past. Failure to navigate this current wisely can result in possession by family complexes and over-identification with genetic ancestory.

The Shadow

While Jupiter is in Scorpio, growth and enlightenment are obtained through the process of ordeal. The wisdom-seeker must encounter and incorporate the portions of the soul which are ugly, stupid, violent, and indulgent.

This process is described extensively in Jungian circles as the encounter with the shadow, the sum of the qualities barred from conscious identification. Although archetypally imagined as a villainous evil twin mwahahaing their way from heinous deed to heinous deed, the actual composition of the shadow is always relative to the structure of the conscious identity. The hard have a soft shadow, the cruel have a kind shadow, the sensuous have a chaste Shadow. The shadow, once fully encountered, always contains elements of vulnerability.

Jupiter in Scorpio pushes for confrontation and audience with this abhorred reflection. There is power and joy trapped in the figure of the shadow. They do what we won’t. They feel what we refuse to. They delight in what we forbid ourselves. Yet they are also weak where we most wish to be strong. The shadow is thus both attractive and repulsive, a combination of power we’re afraid to seize and vulnerability we can’t acknowledge.

Growth comes about through dialogue between the identity and the shadow. This conversation is fraught with confusion and potentially, danger. It is an underworld journey in its own right, full of triumphs, terrors and empowerments.

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  1. Gray 5 years ago

    Austin –
    Bloody BRILLIANT! Both bloody and brilliant! You are absolutely unparalleled at perceiving and expressing the symbols and the syntheses of their changing relationships! As a Scorpio Sun in the middle of my third nodal return, i very much appreciate what you’ve shared. Last Jupiter in Scorpio held some really harsh lessons for me. I think i’m ready to be courageous and envision the positive possibilities this time around.
    – Gray

  2. Matthew Barker 5 years ago

    Austin, the writing is truly heroic. I think you’ve outdone yourself.
    I’d like to bring up the question about rulership of Scorpio. I read your 2011 article about the demotion of Pluto and have looked to see if I could find other articles you might have written on same.. The 2011 writing sounded like you’re of the opinion that the characterization of Pluto’s behavior in a chart doesn’t warrant the mantle of “rulership”. Other than the other recently-discovered bodies in the vicinity, I couldn’t quite make out your reason for supporting the demotion. I assumed this meant you stopped using Pluto-as-ruler in your work and I wonder what changes you saw.
    To be honest, it didn’t seem like it mattered whether Pluto was called a planet or a dwarf-planet. As I explained to my elementary-aged children at the time of Pluto’s astronomical demotion that astronomers need junkets occasionally to fend off boredom and to hang out with other astronomers in fancy settings occasionally – especially when their university or other body of patronage pays for the trip. This may not have been totally fair but I didn’t see any other topic from the gathering make it to the secondary journals I frequented and I couldn’t see demoting Pluto as a justification for the expense of them getting together.

    • Author
      Austin Coppock 5 years ago

      Hi Matthew! The primary reason I didn’t mind Pluto’s demotion is that it draws attention to the fact that Pluto is very different from the rest of the planets in astrology. Placed in a different layer of the solar system, having an inclined and ovoid orbit, and composed of different matter, Pluto is not like the other things. I find Pluto is best understood as its own thing, rather than trying to squeeze it into an existing category or schema. I don’t really care what the astronomers call it, but I liked that the demotion made clear the difference between Pluto and the planets proper.

  3. Jen 5 years ago

    Ok then. Let it rip. Already experiencing a HUGE increase in writing about the dark emotions – Scorpio on House 3 (Vrigo ASC) and am now the scribe for 2 community meetings this year. Writing writing writing and yes, aware of the schedule expanding and how I need to make time for all this writing. It is a purge – to write the dark and just letting that happen without censorship – truly the shadow coming forward but better to let than to repress. Let there be light kind of thing. Jealousy, possessiveness raging, furious emotional recrimination. Gawd, will I make it to next November? Hoping to channel this positively. It is already so since from my experience looking back on poetry that captures deep emotion speaks louder that stacks of journals. Essence is not something usually associated with Jupiter but in Scorpio we are getting there with precision. Thank you for such a great take on this ride. Jupiter will travel on unscathed but we will be transformed forever. ; – )

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Jupiter in Scorpio

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