The Astrology of Generations

The Astrology of Generations Single Presentation


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Confused by the confusion about what defines a millennial, a baby boomer and a Gen Xer? Astrology offers better answers to these questions than the pundits.

The movement of Pluto through the signs of the zodiac defines and describes these generations beautifully. With the addition of Neptune and Uranus, the other slow moving bodies, astrology provides a nuanced take on the generally contentious and poorly understood generational issue. This talk will serve to introduce you to astrology’s elegant framework for understanding generations. 

What you get: 2-Hour presentation with sound over a PowerPoint presentation in MP4 video format. Download available immediately after purchase in your My Account section.

Cost: $33

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1 review for The Astrology of Generations Single Presentation

  1. Shakirah Tabourn (verified owner)

    More than what I was hoping for! The breakdown of the sub-generations contains so much awesome info. I can’t wait to listen to this again to really digest all of the information. Thank you for such a comprehensive take on the astrology of generations!

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