Tarot & Astrology 2019 (August 8 - Oct 17)

Tarot & Astrology 2019 (August 8 – Oct 17)
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Astrology and the Tarot are often mentioned in the same sentence, and books on the two topics sit side-by-side on shelves everywhere. The two arts are distinct, yet they intersect in a variety of fascinating, mutually beneficial ways.

Tarot offers to Astrology a rich vocabulary of images, archetypes, and arcana, while Astrology provides a new level of depth and nuance to the cards’ meanings. Furthermore, the cards that appear often refer to natal or transiting planetary placements, and Astrology provides a wider context and timeframe in which to situate a particular Tarot reading.

The Ryder-Waite-Smith Tarot, which the majority of 20th and 21st century Tarot decks are based on, was designed with a set of solid astrological correlations in mind. The Planets, Signs, Elements, and Decans all have explicit correlations with the 78 cards. Thus the Ryder-Waite-Smith, as well as the structurally cognate Thoth deck, serve as the place we will begin exploring the synergy and interplay between the two disciplines.

This 11 week class presents the Tarot cards in the context of their dialogue with Astrology. Sign up to enrich your Astrology, deepen your understanding of Tarot, and to gain a more thorough understanding of the remarkable relationship between these two arts.

Class will be live online using the GoToMeeting platform, every Thursday evening at 6PM PDT for 11 weeks, from August 8th until – October 17th. Although class itself will be live, every session will be recorded and every student will receive a complete set.

Tuition: $234


I. Introduction, Frameworks, The Fool
Thursday, 6PM PDT August 8th

II. Major Arcana 1
Thursday, 6PM PDT August 15th

III. Major Arcana 2
Thursday, 6PM PDT August 22nd

IV: Major Arcana 3
Thursday, 6PM PDT August 29th

V: The Court I
Thursday, 6PM PDT September 5th

VI. The Court II
Thursday, 6PM PDT September 12th

VII: Minors: Fire
Thursday, 6PM PDT September 19th

VIII: Minors: Earth
Thursday, 6PM PDT September 26th

IX. Minors: Air
Thursday, 6PM PDT October 3rd

X. Minors: Water
Thursday, 6PM PDT October 10th

XI. Conclusion
Thursday, 6PM PDT October 17th

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