Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini

 The following is an excerpt from my 2012 Astrological Almanac.  The 2015 Astrological Almanac is now available. Get yours before the wheel turns.

Jupiter enters Gemini on June 11th, 2012.  The big planet will reside in the sign of the Twins until June 25th, 2013.  During that time Jupiter encourages rapid learning and offers multiple opportunities and intriguing revelations.  Let us take a brief tour of the spiritual, personal and mundane implications of Jupiter’s time in Gemini.

Spiritual: The Siblings Light and Dark

On a spiritual level, Jupiter in Gemini scratches the veil away from the vision of the Twins.  Brothers Light and Dark, the Twins are a fundamental part of many exoteric and esoteric spiritual systems.  Let us recite a few of their many names. The Maya and Aztec had the Hero Twins, West Africa the Marassas, Egypt Horus and Set, Judaism Cain and Abel, the Romans Romulus and Remus, the ancient Greeks Castor and Pollux.

The Twins are a vision of the dual forces which contest and cooperate in the manifest world. Light and Darkness, Life and Death, the Twins allow for an understanding of reality to be built up in the manner of the I Ching’s long lines of Yin and Yang code, the language of computers.  This allows for great insights to become thinkable and therefore speakable.  It is, potentially, a grand intersection.

The Vision Degrades

Yet this vision of the Twins can, in minds lacking sagely virtue, degrade into a terrifying dualism.  We’re dealing with the classic theological battles here:  God vs. Satan, Christ vs. Anti-Christ, Angels vs. Demons, Ahura Mazda vs. Ahriman, etc.  The old smackdown between the forces of darkness and light.  Any real vision of the conscious universe involves these polarized principles and their necessary antagonisms .  Yet we oversimplify the permutative complexity of the Twins if we simply pick the “Good” side and lie sleepless in our beds worrying about the “Bad” side.

This tendency to degrade into war-like dualism is one of the gnostic problems that Jupiter in Gemini tunes us into.  This brings us to another one of the key issues with Jupiter in Gemini.  In wordy Gemini, wisdom seeks desperately to be formulated into language.  Yet awareness itself is more fundamental and multi-dimensional than language.  Understanding must be compressed and distorted in order to become speakable, writable. Although Jupiter in Gemini allows us to code more understandings into language, we must accept the limits of the medium, the weakness of the spoken word as well as of technical languages, such as mathematics.

Fundamentally, Jupiter in Gemini offers us a vision of the old Tai Chi, the symbol known in the West as the “Yin-Yang,” the most famous emblem of contending and complementary principles.  As we gaze into the universe during Jupiter’s time in Gemini, it is important to remember the single circle which unifies and contains both the dark and the light.

Personal: Multiply Thyself

On personal level Jupiter in Gemini facilitates opportunities to explore multiple fields with extraordinary speed.  Jupiter in Gemini blesses travel and grants exposure to numerous points of view and stimulating discussions aplenty.   Jupiter in Gemini is especially auspicious for writing and speaking activities and learning new languages – both technical and verbal.  Jupiter in Gemini is a sort of ambient natural Ritalin, packing brains with ideas and mouths with words.   Don’t be surprised if you have a few really good ideas.  Perhaps more than a few.  In fact, those transited most directly by Jupiter in Gemini find their skull overcrowded.

Yet in traditional astrology, Jupiter is considered to be in its detriment in Gemini.  This means that the Jupiterian goodness tends to get lost along the way.   The difficulty with Jupiter in Gemini can be seen in the old cliché “too much of a good thing.”  Too many opportunities make it difficult to commit deeply enough to any of them to really make a difference.  A Jovian excess of curiosity can also see wide but not deep learning – the type of shallow understanding that is the contrary of the soul-deep understanding that Jupiter is traditionally associated with.

As we make our way from June of 2012 until Jupiter leaves Gemini in June 2013, it is important to remember the likely issues that will come with the opportunities that Jupiter offers.  So be choosy about which opportunities to commit yourself to and apply the same careful filter to your study of subjects.  It is far better to learn a few things thoroughly than to drown in an ocean of useless data.

Mundane: More and Faster, Here We Come

In addition to the personal and spiritual ramifications of Jupiter’s time in Gemini, there are large scale trends correlated to the big planet’s time with the Twins.


Jupiter in Gemini is auspicious for communication technology.  It is no feat of prophecy to say that 2012   will be a blockbuster year for phone sales, as the new breed of “smart phones” seeks market saturation.





Economists have been speculating about a second “tech bubble” for the last year or so.  It is interesting to note that the last time Jupiter was in Gemini , July 2000-July 2001, oversaw the misty peaks of the previous tech bubble (as measured by NASDAQ closing values).  Although the first half of 2012 will likely see much volatility in tech stocks, Jupiter’s time in Gemini suggests powerful growth during the second half.



Transportation technology gets a boost, as do transit systems.  Planes, bullet-trains and electric cars – oh my, and all of them covered by the Insurance Partnership? I can’t take it.  Britain is scheduled to break ground on a new bullet train, as are China, California and a number of other places.  In addition, Boeing’s new super commercial jet will finally reach the mass market.


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Jupiter in Gemini

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