May 2nd-8th: Taking Root

May 2nd-8th: Taking Root

The New Moon in Taurus occurs early in the week, Monday night for those in the Americas.  This monthly reunion of the Sun and Moon re-centers affairs somewhere amidst the great fields Taurus.  As discussed last week, the question is what to plant in these fields now that that the chaos is beginning to subside ( if momentarily).

The lasts season’s sharp changes, in both political and personal worlds, call for a different crop than the ones we’ve planted in the past.  Like farmers, we’re asked to see into the future, and consider what crops the coming season’s weather will favor.

Hot Stuff

As the week begins, Venus (in Aries) clears her opposition to Saturn in Libra, liberating the Evening Star’s energies from the slow planet’s petrifying gaze.  In lived terms, look for an increase in creativity and general levity.  A rambunctious and perhaps short-lived levity, but one none the less.  Venus travels unimpeded through the rest of Aries until she enters the Empress’ garden on May 15th, when she enters Taurus.

But before that, there’s plenty of fun.  Rambunctious Venus chases direct Mercury through the rest of Aries, all the way to a triple conjunction with Jupiter in Aries next week.  Look for the ambient energy levels to rise again, although without as much chaos that has attended the last few months.  You’ll find yourself sowing red-hot creativity and fun into the fertile soil of your life.

Stellium Past, Stelliums Future

If the Aries overload of the last month has been simply too much to bear, then  you won’t have to deal with it much longer.  By May 15th, the scales will tilted considerably, with one, two, three, four planets in Taurus.  That’s 4, count’em 4 planets in for the slo-mo over-eating championships constantly being held in the Heaven-Realms of Taurus- the fabled Cookie Fields.  So plant your seeds, and attend to them well.


This week’s column is a little short.  If you’re itching for a little more insight into what the hell’s going on, I did an interview with Adam Sommer where we talked about the New Moon, the season as a whole and the upcoming Pluto-Uranus squares.  You can find it right here.



Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer.  However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate.  Read your from Ascendant and Moon signs if you know them.  If you don’t, find out. I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at

Oh, and if you’re still concerned that your sign has changed, get a little clarity here.

Aries:  The Ram

The New Moon in Taurus recenters events on your what, exactly, you’ve been banking in the last month or so.  Consider what you’ll walk into the second half of the season holding.

Taurus: The Bull

The New Moon in Taurus recenters the month’s energies on you, and what exactly you’re doing with your life.

Gemini:  The Twins

The New Moon in Taurus resets the lunar month, centering the one to come on all the practical affairs you forgot to set in order.

Cancer: The Crab

The New Moon in Taurus resets the Lunar month atop a host of social considerations.  Think about how to further your professional goals via your network of peers and contacts.

Leo:  The Lion

The New Moon in Taurus resets the Lunar month, shifting the focus to your professional life.

Virgo: The Virgin

The New Moon in Taurus Monday night resets the Lunar month, shifting the focus to the direction you’re heading with things.  Why is it your moving in that direction, and what is it you actually believe?

Libra: The Scales

The New Moon in Taurus this Monday night resets the Lunar month, re-focusing events on what you’re sharing with people, and under what conditions.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

The New Moon in Taurus this Monday night resets the lunar month atop your significant relationships.

Sagittarius: The Archer

The New Moon in Taurus this Monday night resets the lunar month, recentering things on your work. Check for inefficiencies in the way you’ve been dong business.

Capricorn: The Goat

The New Moon in Taurus this Monday resets the lunar month, recentering your focus on what, exactly, you’re doing with your creative energy.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

The New Moon in Taurus this Monday resets the Lunar Month, recentering your focus on making the changes to your living situation necessitated by this season’s events.

Pisces: The Fishes

The New Moon in Taurus this Monday night resets the Lunar Month, re-centering your focus on a number of small tasks.  Don’t get distracted as you go down your checklist.

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May 2nd-8th: Taking Root

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