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    Astrology of 2018: The Lay of the Land

    2018 is a year of beginnings, although many of them may lo like endings. We are introduced to dynamics which will take us well into the next decade, yet also reek of the past. It is our first of several years in a place where the past and future overlap to an unsettling degree, the historical version of the lands […]
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    Astrology Dec 31 – Jan 9 (II♑️): Building a Year

    The Sun enters the second decan of Capricorn on December 31st. This decan is a place of dreaming and building, labor and design. It is both architectural and heroic, for it requires both patience and effort. Here we build a plan out of our ambitions, and then get to work on working reality into that pattern. It is contemplative, but […]
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    Astrology Oct 3rd – 12th (♎️II): Pacta Sunt Servanda

    The Sun rises in the second decan of Libra for the first time this year on Tuesday, October 3rd. While the first face of Libra introduced the scales upon which matters are weighed, the second attempts to cement the equilibrium, binding the matters to that point of balance. Contracts and deals are drafted here, and marriages made. It is the […]
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    Astrology Aug 23rd – Sep 1st (♍️I): Beneath the Tree

    The Sun enters the first decan of Virgo on August 22nd, beginning another span of 10 days time. Here, the Sun’s rays fall upon a woman holding fruit in her hand, and standing before a great tree, around which coils a strange serpent, dog-headed and crowned. The woman los at the fruit in her hand and then up at the […]
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    Astrology July 1-10 (♋II): Strange Brew

    The Sun enters the second face, or decan, of Cancer on Saturday, July 1st (7/1 8:45 AM PDT). Here philosophers gather privately, inside a walled and secret garden. They have come from far and wide, each carrying with them a precious flask containing the primordial waters. In the center is a large alchemical furnace with a fire beneath it. The […]
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    July 2017: Fire Ceremony

    One of the few configurations which holds throughout this July is the relationship between Mars and the Sun. The two are close enough all month to make Mars invisible to the naked eye. They begin July only 7 degrees apart, and that increment slowly narrows until the two conjoin on the 26th. This is the only part of Mars’ 2-ish […]
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    June 2017: Winds Above, Waters Below

    June begins with a series of broadly fortunate changes. Venus and Mercury both return home to signs they rule, and the greater benefic, Jupiter, stations direct. The winds here are strong, but favorable. The middle of the month is a bit challenging, as its dynamics pivot around the Sun and Mercury’s opposition with Saturn. The last third of June, […]
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