16th-22nd: The Mother's Gaze

16th-22nd: The Mother's Gaze

A solid week, full of important configurations.   The Full Moon in Scorpio colors the early week, coming late late Monday night for those on the North American continent.  As the Moon’s early week brightness begins to decline, our attention shifts to the conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars in early Taurus, who bring with them important messages about our financial and interpersonal situations.  Then, as the weekend nears, the Sun sneaks into Gemini, old sol heading toward an eclipse in early June.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Algolology

The Full Moon in Scorpio late Monday night/early Tuesday morning kicks off the week with a wave of intense energy.  The low thrum of this lunation oversees the maturation of seeds sewn over the last several weeks.  The mother oversees the transition from death to life.

This particular lunation finds  the Sun and Moon laid across the fixed star Caput Algol, the “Head of the Demon.”  Caput Algol is a fixed star with a fearsome reputation, stemming from its ability to unleash primordial feminine energies not easily reconciled with the structure of civilized living. Seen as a decapitated head, planet’s conjunctions to the star have often coincided with significant decapitations and the deaths of leaders- the decapitation of a country.  One wonders whether the days surrounding this Full Moon will see this type of event come to pass.  I can think of a few people who’d look better without heads.

Or perhaps our attentions will simply be turned to the great headless beasts lumbering about the geopolitical landscape today.  Egypt has yet to unify and crown itself anew, and the leadership quandaries around Al Qaeda abound.  We’ll see.

The key to this Monday’s Full Moon in Scorpio is to recognize and honor the dark feminine, the black womb of time and space in which all lives, thrives and dies, only to emerge again.

The Lady Leads the Charge

For the last month and a half, the bulk of planets have been within the confines of Aries, an intense, Mars ruled sign.  Mars himself was in Aries, redoubling the significations thereof.  But for next month or so, Mars, Venus and Mercury will all be in Taurus.  Not only does this shift the elemental quality of the aethyrs from fire to earth, it also takes the crown from Mars, whose kinetic reign we’re all rather tired of, and hands it to Venus, who will be lady to the pile of planets in Taurus.


What does it mean that Venus “rules” Taurus?  Taurus is all about the power of attraction, the energy that holds the atomic particles of the universe together, as well as the power that pulls you inevitably toward a tasty ice cream cone.  In Taurus we see the result of this- accumulation.  Whether it’s the pure mass collected in the cow or the bulk of funds in the banker’s account, it’s a result of accumulation.  And there is no accumulation without attraction.

Venus is the planet of attraction, and so while there are several planets at work within Taurus, it will be to Venus and her magnetism that the other planets draw upon to do their good work.  She reveals the key to this period of time.

Lao Tzu’s Bull

In less than a month (June 4th), Jupiter will enter Taurus, where the big planet will be until June of 2012.  This week’s dramatic trifecta of Mercury, Mars and Venus into Taurus clears the way for Jupiter, revealing the opportunities we’ll be offered for the next year.

Down To Business

With Mars, Venus and Mercury (and the Sun, until Friday) in Taurus, its now time to have lots of fun, important conversations about…money!  And possibly food.  On the macro-level, the U.S.’s issue with raising the debt-ceiling will no doubt begin dominating the air waves, but on the microcosmic level, there will no doubt be a number of kitchen table discussions of equal financial importance.

But that’s not all that’s on the table.  This week sees another triple conjunction, this time between Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus, with Pluto looking on, by trine, from Capricorn.  For many, these means talk about the long term viability of personal relationships.  For the U.S. it will likely center on strategic alliances in question, such as the one with Pakistan.

Sun Into Gemini: Castor’s Preparation

The Sun jumps into Gemini on Friday, leaving Mercury, Venus and Mars behind to amble their way through Taurus.  This speeds up the amount of banter.  But the Sun’s time in Gemini this year will be a little stranger than most, as old Sol is on course for a (partial) Solar Eclipse in Gemini come June 1st.  The dark sun to come promises a shake up in the Twin’s sibling dynamics.


Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer.  However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate.  In addition to referring to your Sun sign, read your from Ascendant and Moon if you know them.  If you don’t, find out. I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at astro.com.

Oh, and if you’re still concerned that your sign has changed, get a little clarity here.


Aries:  Into The Harness

The Full Moon in Scorpio spotlights the exchange of resources between yourself and others, likely prompting you to consider what alliances and exchanges would benefit you.

The herd of planets in Taurus this week emphasizes the impact of finances on your personal life.  Conversely, you may well find yourself considering how you can bring your personal resources to bear on financial projects.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday changes the tone a little, asking you to consider what daily tasks are wasting your damn time.

Taurus:  King Moo

The Full Moon in Scorpio this Monday night highlights the role of relationships in your life.  The herd of planets in Taurus carries this theme through the week.  There’s a lot of reflection and realization  here for you.  Not only that, but there are also some further reaching considerations afoot.  Where are you going, and what do you need to become to get there?

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday starts tugging a bit of your attention toward financial habits – like spending all of your money on pie – that you’ll deal with in greater depth next month.


Gemini:  There Can Be Only One

The Full Moon in Scorpio points out how important it is take care of all the boring physical and financial facts in your life.  The Moon’s silver beams highlights whether you’ve taken care of business or not.

The herd of planets in Taurus will likely bring up a number of forgotten thoughts and feelings, especially surrounding the topic of relationships and the degree to which they provide or steal energy from you.

The Sun’s movement into you sign this Friday announces the beginning of  Gemini birthday season.  Your assignment is to watch Jet Li’s The One, and consider whether cutting down on the number of selves isn’t actually a pretty good idea.


Cancer:  Pinchy the Popular

The Full Moon in Scorpio highlights the relationship between your current lifestyle and your ideal life.   If yer one of them fancy artist types, you might also consider the relationship between your work and your audience, who you know and what you create.

The herd of planets in Taurus this week conduct a slo-mo stampede through your social life, bringing up important relationships in a variety of sectors- friends, enemies, luvvers and more.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday sees the spotlight shift deep in the subconscious reaches of your brainstem.  You’ll spend much of the next month sorting through all of the contradictions you find there.  More on that next week.


Leo: Interview w/ the King of Coins

The Full Moon in Scorpio spotlights important areas of your life- work and home.  Consider the relationship between profession and location,  as the status of each area is no doubt entwined

The herd of planets in Taurus moo their way through your career sphere, highlighting professional relationships which may well have long term consequences.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday sees the spotlight start to drift across your social network, where they’ll be a few changes come June.


Virgo:  The Long Haul

The Full Moon in Scorpio spotlights the short term goals you’ll need to accomplish in order to achieve your long term ones.  See the big picture in the small.

The herd of planets in Taurus amble their way through your long term outlook, where they’ll likely find you weighing the value of relationships in light of your goals.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday slides the solar spotlight up to your professional situation, where it will stay for the next month.  Expect some insight as move a little further into the June eclipse cycle.

Libra:  Supply Train

The Full Moon in Scorpio spotlights what’s yours, what ain’t and what’s shared- asking you to consider and clarify the lines of ownership in your life.

The herd of planets in Taurus pulls carts laden with useful resources across your eyeline, and asks that you speak with the strange merchants that lead the caravan.  Important conversations surround the distribution of resources.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday sees the spotlight slide toward your long term goals.  There are changes ready to take place here- alterations to the map that won’t be quite clear until June.


Scorpio:  Scorpy n’ Me

The Full Moon in Scorpio casts a pale ray upon the role you’re playing in relationship dynamics.  The herd of planets due to amble through Taurus over the next month reinforces this focus on your relationships.  This week there is a special emphasis on necessary evolutions of how you communicate with people and make your way through your everyday environment.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini on Friday sees some emphasis begin to slide toward the energy and resources shared between yourself and others.  Some changes to these arrangements are promised this June.


Sagittarius:  That’s Just How I Stroll

The Full Moon in Scorpio tosses a silver ray at feelings you’ve swept carefully under the rug.   As the early week intensity fades away, you’ll find that the next several weeks are going to be all about your habits.  Spending habits, work habits, monk’s habits… the concrete impact of how you stroll is highlighted this week.  Take a moment or two to consider how you might adjust your gait.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini slides a little attention toward problematic dynamics hiding inside your relationships.  You’re due to let go of some limiting arrangements, and possibly people, over the next month.


Capricorn:  Mind/Plow Share

The Full Moon in Scorpio bathes your social world in a silvery haze, illuminating how the networks you reside within structure your life style and inform your decisions about what you do with your energy.  The pile of planets in Taurus plow the fertile fields of your creativity for the next couple weeks.  Make sure to drop a seed or two into that properly aroused soil.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini this Friday shifts some of your attention to your habits.  There’s likely a thing or two which’ll need to change about the way you maintain your fiscal and physical bodies, but that’s a story for June’s eclipses to tell.


Aquarius:  Home Field Advantage

The Full Moon in Scorpio highlights your professional position, stressing the ever important relationship between home and work, foundation and aspiration.  Meanwhile, the pile of planets in Taurus will emphasize your foundations for the next month, with a special focus on those relationships which help hold it all together.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini this Friday slides the solar spotlight onto the question of what, exactly, you’re doing with your energy.  June holds a suggestion or two as to how you might better allocate your passions, but I’ll leave that to June to explain.

Pisces: Shitlist

The Full Moon in Scorpio tosses some silvery rays at your big picture, bringing up long term goals as well as travel plans.  Meanwhile, the pile of planets in Taurus plow along, leaving you to follow, throwing seeds, avoiding poop and talking on the cell phone.  Expect to spend a fair amount of time on necessary peripheral tasks over the next month.  Remember, daily bullshit is a fine fertilizer.

The Sun’s movement into Gemini this Friday shifts the spotlight onto your living situation and home-life, with a growing emphasis on important shifts will likely take place come early June.

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16th-22nd: The Mother's Gaze

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