Astrology Dec. 5th-11th: Fusion Power

Astrology Dec. 5th-11th: Fusion Power

This week holds a release we’ve been waiting for.  After months retrograde, Uranus stations direct in Aries this Friday.  Uranus’ vigorous but unruly station is followed swiftly by a lunar eclipse in Gemini, completing this season’s series of eclipses.   All this occurs within spitting distance of Mercury’s direct station next week, haloed by the growing clarity it exudes.

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: The Twin’s Dark Womb

  A lunar eclipse waits for us this weekend.  The eclipse will be visible later Friday night to those living in the Western US, while those in other locations will have content themselves merely with a weird Saturday morning.

While November’s solar eclipse pointed toward new synthesis, novel fusions of divergent areas of life inspired by a unified goal, a single direction, this weekend’s  lunar eclipse in Gemini spotlights the unnecessary divisions in our lives that we need to let go of in order to make way for the possibilities unveiled during the solar eclipse.  The eclipses work as team, one opening the way toward the future, the other helping to erase attachments to past patterns.

The central theme of this lunar eclipse is the release of energy from dualistic frameworks.


Internally, this lunar eclipse pushes a confrontation with the Shadow Self, the rejected parts of the psyche.  The key to the encounter with the doppelganger is to find a harmony between the “best “and “worst” parts of yourself.   It is important not to side with the “good” or “bad” within yourself, for each provides only a partial picture.  The eclipses call for a dissolution of these internal judgments in the name of wholeness.  Find  the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde within yourself and force a sit down.


The complicated ego dynamics set in play by the eclipse are particularly relevant to sibling and sibling-like dynamics.  As any decent therapist can tell you, we develop many of our ideas about ourselves by comparing and contrasting ourselves with our siblings.  This process of ego identification continues well into adulthood, with other people filling for absent siblings.

The lunar eclipse blacklights the ways we’ve defined ourselves relative to these siblings and pseudo-siblings.  You are not the “smart” to their “dumb” nor are you the “bad” to their “good.” You, like them, are both and neither.  A poorly hybridized god and monster, an Incredible Hulk, like the rest of us.


Uranus Direct: Warm Up The Lightning Cannon

This lunar eclipse, which is focused on letting go of old frameworks, has some assistance from Uranus in Aries, who stations direct earlier same day (9th(.  Uranus drenches the day with mutation rays, providing a crazy and brave willingness to let the past sink into oblivion.  There is a sense of liberation here.  Uranus will push forward revolutionary agendas for the remainder of its time direct- Dec. 9th 2011- Jul. 13th 2012.

Mercury Direct:  Not Yet!

Although the eclipses mark important pivot points in the development of these themes, they do not discharge their full payload immediately.  Mercury’s direct station next week, on the 13th, will be necessary to further clarify the energy unloaded this week.


Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer. However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate. In addition to referring to your Sun sign, read your from Ascendant and Moon if you know them. If you don’t, find out. I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at

Oh, and if you’re still concerned that your sign has changed, get a little clarity here.

Aries: The Ram

Uranus’ direct station  this Friday fires you up to continue on your ridiculous/awesome quest to find the true ubermensch/frau within.   Shortly afterward,  the  lunar eclipse in Gemini occurs, urging you to let go of patterns of self expression that are interfering with the pursuit of your term goals.

Taurus: The Bull

Uranus’ direct station on Friday sees the odd planet resume sending exciting but confusing self empowerment signals into your conscious mind.   A little later, the lunar eclipse in Gemini fires, push you to let go of the idea that you have to do everything yourself.  Make room for other people to help you.


Gemini: The Twins

Uranus’ direct station on Friday sees the Mohawk ringed planet resume his mutation of your social sphere.   Meanwhile,  the lunar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th urges you to let go of your attachment to the hundred ideas you have of yourself.  You cannot be all things to all people, and trying to be inevitably makes people suspicious of you.  Pick a mere handful of personalities to work with.

Cancer: The Crab

Uranus’ direct station sees the electric planet’s plan to mutate your professional life resume forward motion.  A little later comes the lunar eclipse in Gemini, which oversees a shift away from the mysterious in order to make way for the obvious.  There are times to ponder the ineffable, but you’ve only got so much time, and the effable needs some love, too.

Leo: The Lion

Uranus’ direct station on Friday sees the erratic planet get back to its several year program of mutating your beliefs and changing your long term objectives.   A little later comes  the Lunar eclipse in Gemini, which looks over a withdrawal of energies from your social sphere in order to accommodate a growing focus on your creative energies.  Don’t worry so much about what people think about what you do, just focus on doing it.

Virgo: The Virgin

Uranus’ direct station this Friday sees the mohawked planet get back to mutating your business relationships, pushing you to consider unusual arrangements in order to empower yourself.

A little later, the Lunar eclipse in Gemini  triggers a cessation of concern about certain professional prospects.  This eclipse asks for you to stop chasing every opportunity that comes your way.  Focus your energies on quality prospects.  Quality, not quantity.


Libra: The Scales

This Friday Uranus stations direct.  The mohawked planet resumes the mutation your relationships by bringing weirdos into your life and challenging your interaction patterns.  A little later comes  the lunar eclipse in Gemini, which calls for you to quit with the navel and horizon gazing and consider what’s right in front of you.  You’re being asked to focus things of a more immediate nature.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Uranus’ direct station sees the quirky planet resume his work changing the way you handle the concrete details of your life.  Start a new habit.   A little later comes the lunar eclipse in Gemini , which asks that you let go of unnecessary dependence and dependents.  It is a call for you to reign in your resources.  The focus here is on moving away from “ours” and getting back to “mine.”


Sagittarius: The Archer

Uranus’ direct station in Aries this Friday sees the odd planet get back to exciting your creative energies, prompting you to consider new mediums for communicating what’s on your mind.   A little bit later, the Lunar eclipse in Gemini  fires, spotlighting relationships you’ve been spending too much energy on.  You’re going through a period where your individuality is being highlighted and reinforced, and too much compromise interferes with understanding who, in fact, you are.  You are not your partner, your boss, your mom or your friends.  Seek self definition with minimal social context.

Capricorn: The Goat

Uranus’ direct station this Friday sees the mohawked planet get back to mutating your emotional foundations and destabilizing your living situation.  A little bit later the lunar eclipse in Gemini fires, asking that you free yourself from the thousand practical details whose mass demands attention that would be better spent in other places.


Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Uranus’ direct station this Friday sees the odd planet get back to changing and charging your thought patterns, as well as mutating your relationship with siblings.  A little later, the lunar eclipse in Gemini occurs, suggesting you consider your store of creative ideas.  This eclipse pulls you away from the idea-generating process, and instead pushes you to consider what audiences and/or markets your ideas might be well received by.

Pisces: The Fish

Uranus’ direct station on Friday sees the eccentric planet get back to the business of mutating your financial situation.  A little bit later comes the lunar eclipse in Gemini, which asks that you release yourself from your origin story.  Yes, it’s shaped you, but it shouldn’t contain you.  Clear out a little past to make room for some future.



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Astrology Dec. 5th-11th: Fusion Power

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