The Glow Of Embers

The Glow Of Embers


The week begins with Tuesday’s New Moon in Aries, which brings an extraordinarily intense lunar month to a close, though the one it seeds is not without challenges.  Shortly thereafter, on Friday, Pluto grinds to a halt, saddling the week with the weight of his retrograde station.  Saturday, however, sees Mercury enter Aries, which offers a welcome change of perspective.

Burning Sensation

The week commences with the New Moon in Aries.  Though the pace may not slacken enough to accommodate reverie, there is nonetheless a need to reflect on Monday and Tuesday.  Much has happened over the last month, and many of the fires lit still burn.  Some of these are sacrificial flames, altar fires, and they should be kept strong, fueled with what we no longer require.  Others, though, have overstepped the sacred hearth.  Some of these have already burned out, while others may still require a few shovel-fulls of earth.  In the meantime. damage has been done, especially to relationships, which have taken the brunt of the scorching.   Spend some time gazing at the still-hot embers of the last month and apply ointment as needed.

Threat Re-Assessment

Pluto’s retrograde station hovers invisibly over the week, like the gaze of a security camera.   The small body’s station highlights the pressure the world is under right now, and the many little ways we’ve all tried to meet those challenges.   Our answers come from our understanding of the questions, our adaptations from our comprehension of our environment. Evolution is not an event or an achievement- it is ongoing and dialectical.   It is time to reassess the situation and make sure you’re not preparing to  fight the last war.  Transformation is a difficult enough process- take the time to make sure that what you’re becoming is what you actually need to be.

How One Philosophizes With A Hammer

After over two months drowning in Pisces, Mercury finally crawls ashore this Saturday, when the swift planet enters Aries.  In the Ram’s sign, Hermes ignites ideas and sends thoughts swiftly along their trajectory.   It is a blessed relief from the meandering, emotionally charged poetics of Mercury’s excessive time in Pisces this year, though the bluntness and impatience which characterize Mercury’s time in Aries are a challenge themselves  Mercury will be in Aries until May first.

No horoscopes this week.

I am busy, and kind of tired.




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The Glow Of Embers

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