Mercury in Pisces: The Whale's Song

Mercury in Pisces: The Whale's Song

In traditional astrology, Mercury is said to be in its Fall in Pisces. On the surface, this means difficulties with communications, problems with technology such as cell phones and the internet and complications and delays with travel.

But why is Mercury in its Fall in Pisces? Pisces’ job is to connect every part of life experience, to put discordant concepts, emotions and events together. This is the inner meaning of the two fish chained together at the mouth- the juxtopposition of what cannot logically coexist, yet does. It is the mixing bowl, a cauldron, a retort in which chimerical hybrids are born. This action of collection and connection between polarized pieces is the power of Jupiter, which traditionally rules Pisces, and it creates integrity within the psyche and the life. All of the pieces resonate with all the other pieces.  Which is great.

Good for breathing, not so good for talking.

But that’s not Mercury’s thing. Mercury’s thing is finding and defining the differences, putting things into words, into math, into code.  Systems of difference. Pisces’ focus on the whole blurs out Mercury’s ability to keep track of the complex relationships between all the pieces. Mercury in Pisces is more suited to penning poems than writing concise emails. One can see it in the subtlety of the whale’s song, as well as the fact that  fish can’t talk. Either way, it’s why traditional astrology considers Mercury to be in it’s Fall in Pisces.

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  1. Trekk 12 years ago

    I have my Mercury in Pisces and I find I communicate well in poems. I also have a Gemini rising and Mercury is on the MC conjunct my Pisces Sun, so I communicate well in practical ways also. Mercury is also trine the moon, so I can communicate feelings. It is also sextile Mars so I have little problem expressing myself.

  2. Alice Brown 12 years ago

    I actually liked the way you have narrated the article on Mercury in Pisces. I have been reading many articles on Mercury in Pisces from a past few days but this one is the best one by far. I would also like to suggest you to visit : for more such articles. Thanks for the share…!!!

  3. Ravonparish 11 years ago

    I have mercury in pisce and sun in aries and gemini rising! whew! I know rite! well I write poetry nd I find that I tend to only write about love to write about pain for me is like pulling teeth! I also have venus in taurus, so ofcourse I’m in demand, “lol”, but, i usually just skate the surface.. Deep emotions locked in a vault and I’ve swolled the key.. But, I can write yo a beautiful poem that make you consider leaving your wife, but, ofcourse my Pisces in mercury would’nt allow it..

  4. L 4 years ago

    Does that mean I’m condemned to fail as a intellectual/ good philosopher, etc?

  5. Leo 4 years ago

    Does that mean I’m condemned to fail as a intellectual/ good philosopher, etc?

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Mercury in Pisces: The Whale's Song

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