February 14th-20th: Toll Bridge

February 14th-20th: Toll Bridge

This week the Moon goes Full in Leo late Thursday night, opposing a gaggle of planets in Aquarius.  Between them a rainbow bridge appears, crossing the imagined and the embodied, daring us to make the journey.  Behind the Full Moon, Venus and Saturn move into a square this week, calling for us to tighten up budgets and consider the architecture of our relationships.  Venus’ square to Saturn stays with us the entire week, but is at its most powerful on Friday.

Desire’s Architecture

Venus in Capricorn moves into a square with Saturn in Libra this week.  This particular intersection of desire and restraint asks us to examine the structure of both our relationships and our finances.  This aspect is a little hard on the finances, and may call for you to change up your earning/spending ratio in order to accommodate the situation.  On the personal end of things, the Venus-Saturn square asks us to examine how our relationship patterns create the situations we repeatedly find ourselves within.  These patterns are a building built by two, a space where lovers meet and quarrel.  Consider the space you’ve helped build.  Perhaps a more elegant redesign is in order.

Due to the angle (square) between Saturn and Venus, these insights will tend to come from a more pessimistic place.  The possibility for reconciliation is nonetheless abundant, as Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra are considered to be in mutual reception, opening a gateway to great insight.

A Tale of Two Cities

...two cities have been formed by two loves: the earthly by the love of self, even to the contempt of God; the heavenly by the love of God, even to the contempt of self” (Augustine The City of God Bk. xiv 28)

Mercury, Mars and the Sun are moving in relative unison right now, and the trio of planets are all on their way toward a conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius this week.  Neptune’s sodden palace of imagination, illusion, magick and dreams will be packed with planets.  This combination of energies sticks us on a cloud car straight into the strange heaven of our ideals, dropping us off in a glittering heavenly city.  We’ll strap on a pair of utopia-goggles and stair at the perfected version of our hopes and dreams.


The challenge issued this week is to bridge these abstract and idealistic meanderings in the City of Heaven with the world in which we live.  The Full Moon in Leo asks whether we can do this, querying whether the Sun in Aquarius can enact and fully represent the abstract ideas and ideals the Aquarian pile-up stimulates.  The Full Moon in Leo is a yearly event, but because of the stack of planets in Aquarius this go around, the tension between the abstract and the embodied is greater this year

In Northern European myth, the bridge between the heaven of the gods and the world of men and women is called Bifrost, seen by poets and wise-men as burning rainbow bridge.  This Full Moon we traverse the glimmering bridge, it’s kaleidoscopic lights giving rise to visions and hallucinations as we walk up and down, our movement an old witch’s sewing needle, stitching the ideal and real together.  We must not tarry too long in the idealized abode of the gods, nor stay complete earthbound, as neither realm is enough.  Knit your universe together.

When visions of the cities of heaven and earth dance through the aethyrs, there’s likely something literal going on as well.  In this case, it is quite obviously Eqypt’s situation.  We’ll see how well the Egyptians can bridge heaven and earth, remembering, of course, to carefully remove our utopia goggles before watching the show unfold.



Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer.  However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate.  Read your from Ascendant and Moon signs if you know them.  If you don’t, find out!  I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at astro.com.

Aries: The Ram

The planets in Aquarius stimulate social possibilities while the Full Moon in Leo asks what you have to offer those you would connect with.  You need to do more than talk a good game, you need to deliver.   Build the bridge between what you create and who can see it.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra stresses professional relationships, as well as the impact of professional choices on your significant relationships.

Taurus: The Bull

The planets in Aquarius seed the clouds above your professional landscape with potential and promise of rain, while the Full Moon in Leo challenges you, asking you to find the right bucket to catch the falling drops.  Look to your living situation for answers.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra asks that you make sure your affairs are in order enough to follow your dreams.  The road to the heaven realms is a rough climb, and you’ll need to make sure your gear is carefully packed.

Gemini: The Twins

The planets in Aquarius open your eyes to far flung possibilities, expanding the scope of your worldview.  The Full Moon in Leo reveals the impact of these ideas on your day to day life, clarifying how this perspective looks in action.  Build the bridge between practical and idealistic perspectives.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra highlights the importance of creative partnerships.  Consider the structure of your agreements as well as the blueprints of what you would create.

Cancer:  The Crab

The planets in Aquarius point you toward the possibility of profitable partnerships, while the Full Moon in Leo points out what it will cost you to contribute to something greater.  This is an important point in group/team projects, and it is important to get the level of give and take right.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra brings up important issues about sharing space with those you have significant relationships with.

Leo: The Lion

The planets in Aquarius direct you toward what is brewing with others in your life, while the Full Moon in Leo shines directly on you, asking you to seriously consider your needs in relation to others.  This is one of the more important moments in your relationships for the next few months.  Make sure you make the necessary adjustments rather than just weathering the storm.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra emphasizes a number of rather mundane tasks you’ll need to run through.

Virgo: The Virgin

The planets in Aquarius remind you of the ideal arrangement of your finances and physical health, while the Full Moon in Leo shines hotly on the buried reasons you so often stray from these ideals.  This Full Moon asks you to build a bridge between practical problems and the reasons underlying them.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra asks that you restrain the way you spend your energy and money in the pursuit of pleasure.  Don’t starve yourself, but by all means take a carefully balanced approach.  If you need to, err on the side of frugality.

Libra: The Scales

The planets in Aquarius stimulate an ephemeral buzz of creative energy, which is challenged by the Moon in Leo, which asks that you connect what you create to an audience.  Build the bridge between what you do with your energy and the people who need to see it.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra points out the friction between what you expect and the benefits provided by your current living situation.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

The planets in Aquarius sparkle like gems at your feet, illuminating your living situation.  Meanwhile the Full Moon in Leo shines high overhead, illuminating the relationships between your living situation and professional life.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra points out the friction between the pleasures to be found in your neighborhood and a previously veiled set of restrictions.

Sagittarius:   The Archer

The planets in Aquarius stimulate a hundred thoughts and send a small cloud of chores buzzing around you.  Meanwhile the Full Moon in Leo lights up your bigger, long term goals, asking you not to forget the far flung in the midst of the immediate.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra points toward  the importance of financial relationships.

Capricorn: The Goat

The planets in the Aquarius point toward a confusing mix of financial circumstances, while the Full Moon in Leo shines on other people’s resources, especially those necessary to solve your current set of issues.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra emphasizes how connected networking and career advancement are.  Use that goaty charm, or lose it.

Aquarius: The Water-Bearer

The planets in your sign fill you with a strange but potent mixture of energies while the Full Moon in Leo illuminates their impact on those close to you.  Build the bridge between yourself and the important people in your life.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra emphasizes the connection between your long term goals and hidden desires.

Pisces: The Fish

The planets in Aquarius spark a hundred thoughts hiding in the back of your mind, asking you to remembering what you so often forget.  This spring of Mnemosyne scintillates in the silver light of the Full Moon in Leo, illuminating the impact of these insights on the concrete issues in your life.  Visions of dishes left undone dance through your head.

Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn’s square to Saturn in Libra emphasizes partnerships and resource exchanges between yourself and your pool of friends and associates.


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February 14th-20th: Toll Bridge

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