The Proper Care & Feeding of a Birth Chart

The Proper Care & Feeding of a Birth Chart: Planetary Refinement & Remediation 4 Recording Series


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The Proper Care and Feeding of a Birth Chart:
Planetary Refinement and Remediation

This 4-week class focuses on figuring out how to get the most of the natal chart you have. In a game as complex as life, the cards you were dealt are often less important than the way you play them.

We’ll learn how to quickly locate which planets in a given chart are naturally the healthiest and which are most prone to disorder, and then consider methods by which we might refine our strengths and remediate our weaknesses.

We’ll also look at how to detect and address the varieties of planetary imbalance, looking for areas of excess, stagnation and deficiency, and then go over both internal and external methods by which we might bring imbalanced spheres back to a healthy equilibrium.

In addition to natal considerations, we’ll also take a look at how various timing methods, such as transits, interact with the inherent strengths and weaknesses of our system, triggering points of crisis or triumph.

This class does not require deep technical proficiency in astrology. A basic understanding of the planets, signs, aspects and houses should be sufficient for the prospective student to apply the perspective and methods presented in this class.

Though not primarily a class on astrological magic, this class will cover ritual, energy work and meditative methods of remediation and refinement, and will thus serve as an excellent complement to magical studies.


What you get: Four recordings, approximately two hours each. They are in MP4 video format, with audio over an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Files are instantly available to download after purchase in an email and from the My Account section.

Cost: $100

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4 reviews for The Proper Care & Feeding of a Birth Chart: Planetary Refinement & Remediation 4 Recording Series

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    I loved this class! It was both informative and entertaining, and gave me useful new perspectives on how to look at the essential dignities and the roles they play in a chart. He presented the information in a way that was remarkably easy to understand (something I definitely don’t take for granted), was never boring in his approach, and very succinct.

    Whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, this class has a lot to offer. I definitely recommend it!

  2. Lydia Szamraj

    Please offer this class again!

  3. Marlene (verified owner)

    I took this class the first time it was offered and was hoping it’d be offered again for others to enjoy and be inspired by. It was so helpful to look at my chart from the perspective of imbalances, strengths and weaknesses. Much to think about and revisit in the future as one grows and changes.

  4. Ljupcho (verified owner)

    Amazing presentation. Deep and magical. Thank you Austin for making this approach easy to understand. Before this presentation I was thinking about all of the issues in a subconscious manner, and doing the right/wrong things in accord with my instincts rather intentions but after your lecture I got more clear view of my natal chart and I got better understanding of my weaknesses and strengths. Thank you again for clearing up the fog. So much to learn from you

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