Astrology 8/29-9/4: Wyrm-Hole

Astrology 8/29-9/4: Wyrm-Hole

This week’s dramatic celestial action sets the stage for September.  It begins with Venus’ entrance into Libra on Monday, which is followed by Mercury’s retrograde station in Virgo on Tuesday.  Then, early Thursday morning the solar eclipse opens wide its mouth.  Stepping through it, we enter a tunnel which burrows beneath the soil and stone of September, and from which will not emerge until the month’s almost gone.

Setting The Stage

Venus enters tropical Libra on Monday, offering a bit of grace during a week of intense configurations.  Venus is strong in Libra, and in the sign of the scales helps to lubricate social mechanics, reconcile hard feelings and restore equilibrium.  So Let Venus steady your balance as you enter the strange portal which Mercury’s retrograde and the Sun’s upcoming eclipse open.

In addition, Venus acts as herald for the bigger, slower benefic Jupiter, who is due to enter the sign of the scales next week, on the 8th of September. Venus’ three and a half weeks thus set the stage for the entrance of the greater benefic, which will occupy Libra for over a year.

The Lost Library

Mercury stations retrograde early on Tuesday, August 30th at 29 Virgo.  Throughout the week, Mercury will become harder and harder to see as dips closer and closer to the sunset horizon.  He will then disappear entirely.  The next time we’ll see him will be around the direct station on September 21st, when he begins to visibly rise just before the Sun in the East.

The retrograde station this week takes place right on top of Jupiter, at the end of Virgo.  In fact, Jupiter will play a very special role in Mercury’s retrograde this September.  As I wrote last week:

“Mercury is actually set to make an unusual three conjunctions to Jupiter.  The first occurred on August 22nd, while the second is due to happen September 2nd. The third, however, is not scheduled until October 11th, after Mercury has completed September’s retrograde and Jupiter has entered Libra.  Therefore, as Mercury meets with Venus and Jupiter this weekend, it is to assess the progress we’ve attempted to make since Jupiter entered Virgo last August…Mercury’s upcoming retrograde will be, among other things, the last chance to install the upgrades you’ve been working on, but haven’t yet implemented, over the last year.”

In search of the illusive upgrades and likely outcomes, our way will wind inevitably downwards, our minds a spiral drilling through the facts.  At a certain depth, we break through hard stone into the naturally occurring tunnels and caverns, the natural habitat of the eclipse dragon.   Here we summon our psychopomp, be they named Hermes or otherwise, and propitiate them- not to speak with dead souls, but instead dead books, whose bodies were destroyed by fire, water and time.  We seek the necromantic vision of the Great Library of Alexandria, the ghost library full of lost knowledge and forgotten truths.  This spectral library is not merely filled with the riches of lost Alexandria, but stocked with scrolls from burnt Shaolin and a hundred other biblioclasms.   Rumor has it that in recent years, an addition has been built to encompass terabytes of deleted emails and files lost to hard drive crashes.

The residents of this spectral library are shady scholars and long-dead accountants, who manage and massage the reams of vanished data, occasionally arranging for their reappearance in the world of the living.  If you ask for a particular book, they might help you, or merely lead you deep into a vortex of numbers and letters.

Mercury’s retrograde through Virgo will take many of us down this path, in search of lost or hidden information, for we are all immense libraries of buried truths.  Down the tunnel of confusion, through the winding course of accident and coincidence.  If you find that the trail of data leads you to a strange cave mouth, pack your bags and prepare for a descent into the lost library.

Dragon Mouth

In the early hours of Thursday morning, we’re treated to an annular solar eclipse at 9’ Virgo.  This eclipse is the last one we’ll see in Virgo for almost a decade, but it will certainly leave us something to remember it by.

As the Sun goes dark this week, this Dragon opens its mouth, and as that mouth opens, so does a gate, a wormhole that stretches between the beginning and the end, and connects everything in between.  Yet a gate is not a story, but its beginning.  This wyrm-hole will be our trajectory and river until we pop out the dragon’s other end during the lunar eclipse on September 16th.

The eclipse dragon emanates from the fertile void into the world of time and space.  From creation, it loops back around to the void and there finds its tail.  This dragon is a river by which all things emerge and dissolve.  You might call her Tiamat, or something else.  She is primordial in the sense that she preceded creation, yet all of creation is of her body, and eternally carries it back to the void to start anew.

What do we see while traveling through the light eater?   Time stretches out, and the present opens to encompass future selves as well as experiences from the deep past.  The dragon’s vertebrae are causal links, a karmic chain of bone anchored in the past and reaching forever into the future.  It is a roller coaster ride made from an ancient dragon, rising and falling, dipping in and out of creation on invisible tracks.  Yet like the cars of a passenger train, we can travel forward or backward while remaining on the same track. Passengers from the past and possibilities from our futures may come visit us within our cabin, changing our perspective of the trajectory we’re on, and prompting rearrangements and reconsiderations of who we are and travel with.

The first section of our eclipse ride will see us looking over the contention generated by the Saturn-Neptune square this year.  The two have thoroughly smudged the line between reality and fantasy on both a collective and individual level.  We’ll board the bone dragon in the midst of this debate and head into both the past and future in order to clarify the present.

This dragon-ride will take most of the month, so pace yourself.   For now, content yourself with crossing the threshold and getting situated on the dragon-train.  So settle in, and do check out the library.  There are some real gems there.


Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer. They are fun and can be reasonably accurate, however. In addition to referring to your Sun sign, read from your Ascendant and Moon if you know them. If you don’t, find out! I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at
Aries: The Ram

The solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde this week open a pair of doorways in the soil of your daily habits. Within, you’ll find tunnels which lead you deep into your body, as well as your bank account. This September thus presents an excellent opportunity to transform the way that your patterns shape the material layers of your life.
Meanwhile, Venus’ entrance into Libra should help bring some harmony to your relationships, and increase general levels of social lubrication. You’ll have Venus as social coach until September 23rd, when she departs the sign of the scales.

Taurus: The Bull

Mercury’s retrograde station and the solar eclipse this week open a way down, down, into the mysterious caverns from which your creative energy issues. As you explore these subterranean springs, consider what you’ve been watering with its sacred flow, and do remember to check the buckets you carry it in for leaks.
Meanwhile, Venus’ entrance into Libra should provide a nice ambient boost of harmony. Don’t be surprised if you find small moments of grace sprinkled over the next several weeks.

Gemini: The Twins

The solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde station both serve to open up a gate beneath you. If you care to explore this tunnel, you’ll find your family, living and dead, waiting below, ready for some interesting, if uncomfortable, conversations. This crack in your foundations may be a bit more literal, as you may well discover important, but overlooked, facts about your living situation stuck in there.
While Mercury and the eclipse poke at your foundations, Venus’ ingress to Libra shines a gentle light your way. Until the 23rd, Venus will be happy to facilitate good times and help you make progress on creative projects.

Cancer: The Crab

This week’s Mercury retrograde station and solar eclipse open up the structure of your weekly schedule, allowing you to see the pattern of your movements and moments with x-ray vision. As these patterns come clearly to into view, you’ll probably see plenty about them you’d prefer to change, and it will be these alterations and edits which will comprise much of September’s work.
Meanwhile, Venus’ entrance into Libra early this week will sprinkle a bit of grace on your home life, as well as your relationships with family members. The next three weeks are an excellent time to work for greater harmony in your home and better balance with your family.

Leo: The Lion

This week’s solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde station both call you to take a deeper look at your finances. Consider how money gets to you and where it goes from there. If you take the time to follow the trajectory of capital through your life, you’ll likely find some holes you can plug and some blockages you can remove. If you care to learn, there are lessons here on the deep dynamics of collecting, storing and expending power.
Meanwhile, Venus enters Libra. In the sign of the scales, Venus should help grease the wheels of your weekly journeys here and there, making the daily grind a little less frictive over the coming weeks.

Virgo: The Virgin

This week’s solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde station both occur squarely within your sign, indicating that there are changes and rearrangements aplenty waiting within September for you. You’ll likely see internal and external shifts which have been brewing for the last year reach a critical stage. Yet as any butterfly or moth will tell you, change is uncomfortable and a little bit gross. Find the space you need to finish your upgrade.
Meanwhile, Venus enters Libra on Monday, which should help bring balance to your finances for much of this month, though old Aphrodite might also tempt you with a few choice luxuries.

Libra: The Scales

This week’s solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde station in Virgo open a gateway deep into the steam-works of your subconscious. Turn inwards and downwards and you’ll find yourself amongst the clanking machinery of your deep mind. While you’re there, do some exploring, some repair work, and consider which facilities could use an upgrade.
Meanwhile, Venus’ entrance into your sign early this week provides a much needed shot of grace and equilibrium. The evening star will be in position to support and steady you while you do the internal work suggested by Mercury.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

The solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde station this week both cast a mutating light on your social life. September thus calls you to rearrange your social web and reconsider your place within it. You may want to look across the strands, and like a good spider, mend the silk in some places and cut it free in others. Remember— just because you catch a fly doesn’t mean you have to eat it.
Meanwhile, Venus enters Libra, and from the sign of the scales will advise you on how to find a little more equanimity within. Though the Scorpion tends to value intensity over equilibrium, Venus’ time in the sign of the scales should help make clear the power of balance.

Sagittarius: The Centaur

Both the solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde station this week point toward your professional life. There are changes here, some brewing for the last year, some to be discovered over the coming weeks. As you stride into September, consider not just your ambitions, but the inner space from which they proceed.
While the eclipsed Sun and a backward Mercury work on your professional life and aspirations, Venus intends to bring fun and connection to your social life. The evening star’s entrance into the sign of the scales marks the beginning of a three week period of heightened, and likely quite pleasant, social activity.

Capricorn: The Goat

This week’s solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde station are both in position to prompt a serious consideration of your long term goals. If you look through the eclipse gate, you’ll see a vision of where you might go and what you might become. You will, however, need to let go of some of what you currently hold if you’re going to make progress. Consider what you can bring with you, and what you can’t, on the road ahead.
While you consider the vicissitudes of your trajectory, Venus will be busy smoothing things out for you professionally. The evening star’s movement into Libra early this week begins a trio of weeks with less friction and more pleasant moments at work.

Aquarius: The Waterbearer

This week’s solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde station both point towards your exchanges of time, money and energy with others. Look to what you have borrowed and what you’ve loaned, what’s yours and what is shared. Both the eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde pull you to watch these exchanges and confluences more carefully. If you have a history of making loans that are never repaid or collecting debts, this September is an excellent time to turn that around.
Meanwhile, Venus’ ingress into Libra should make remembering your big goals all the easier. Not only will Venus help you remember your direction, she’ll also help you keep your balance as you walk the path.

Pisces: The Fish

The solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde station this week both open the way for a deeper exploration of relationship dynamics. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, both the Sun and Mercury will be tugging at you to look deeper into the patterns of interaction between yourself and others. Look, in particular, to the way you communicate.
Meanwhile, Venus enters Libra. While within the sign of the scales, Venus will help smooth and balance your exchanges of time, money and energy with others. The evening star’s influence should help facilitate team-work, borrowing and loaning.

Austin Coppock is a writer, esotericist and astrologer based in Ashland, OR. He published paperback Almanacs from 2011-15 but began posting his prognostications online last year, referring to his collection of weekly, monthly, yearly essays and daily delineations as “The Online Almanac”. This work is made possible by his supporters on Patreon. Austin was President of the non-profit organization “Association for Young Astrologers” from 2012-2016. His most recent book is “36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans”, published by Three Hands Press.


  1. Mathieu Barquerre 3 years ago

    Thanks Austin. Nicely expressed and possessed of great poetic information density appreciated by unconscious minds everywhere.
    I wonder if the horoscope section could present well as haiku. This is not request, just wondering aloud. I’d never ask such a thing without first trying it myself.

  2. Karrin 3 years ago

    Amazing… I’m There.. not 5 minutes before reading your article I ordered a copy of Firmicus Maturnus’ Mathesis after compiling a full folder of pdf downloads of Ptolemy, Vatius Valens, William Lilly etc. This is after nearly a year of avoidance through seeking elucidation of the ancient ways through contemporary interpretation of the source texts. You are so onto it!

  3. Jen 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for this weekly hand-holding, for taking the time and making the effort to write this. It is MUCH appreciated. Dark passageways – this is going to be an interesting ride. One day at a time. Looking forward to a purchase of the Nodes/Eclipses lectures. Timely. PS – I really dig your writing.

  4. Leah 3 years ago

    This post is powerfully relevant to me (Leo, Cancer rising), in terms of self-transformation and introspection. I had personally committed to a self-care health cleanse from 8/22 through 9/16, before I even knew about the eclipses. This adds such a cool inner dimension to my journey. Thanks, Austin!

  5. Jessica 3 years ago

    You have a gift for saying what needs to be said on the matter and leading the mind through the heart! Thank you <3

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