Within Darken'd Halls

Within Darken'd Halls

photo by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

The week begins with the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio on Monday.  The Sun trines Neptune on Tuesday and then conjoins Saturn on Wednesday night.  Mercury,also in Scorpio, conjoins the North Node on Wednesday, enclosing the first half of the week in an intense reverie. The second half of the week is dominated by Mars’ opposition to Jupiter,with questions of priority and focus coming to the forefront. Sunday sees Venus enters Libra, where the morning star will shine brilliantly over the next month.  The Moon waxes throughout the week, just a shred shy of Full by Sunday night.

Sun into Scorpio:  Enter At Your Own Risk

photo by Gary Caton

The Sun winds its way into the tunnels of Scorpio on Monday, trining Neptune early on Tuesday.  This expansive, open energy tightens quickly as the Sun moves toward a conjunction with dark Saturn on the 24th.

The Sun’s ferry takes us down the river Styx here, leading us directly into the dark castle, Saturn’s new abode.  Secrets abound within these beautiful and terrifying halls.  Forgotten and forbidden treasures, lost loves and old demons.  Our time here will test and change us.   Wednesday, in particular,we’ll get a chance to examine the blood red interior of this dark castle, this coffin, this chrysalis we’ll wander inside for the next several years.


 Mercury Conjunct N. Node: The Voice In The Basement

Mercury spends the week crossing the Dragon’s Head,  the North Node of the Moon, conjoining the Node on the 25th. There is a tendency here to become very attached to thought here, exagerating obsessive tendencies.

This isn’t just a passing influence, though.  There are layers here, as the attachments  floating beneath the surface here ill come up again and again.  For one, over the course of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde (Nov. 6th-26th), the tricky planet will pass back over the Dragon’s Head twice more, once retrograde and again direct.  The Sun will also be eclipsed near this point.

There are new priorities working their way to the surface here, calling to us from the depths.  It will take all of November for them to fully emerge,  but we can cooperating with the process this week.


 Mars Opposes Jupiter: Of Birds and Stones

During the second half of the week, the emphasis shifts to Mars’ opposition with Jupiter.  Here Mars in Sagittarius gazes across the sky at a hyperactive Jupiter in Gemini, highlighting conflicts between multiple paths and the need to unify efforts via a single direction.

Consider yourself an archer with only so many arrows.  More targets than you have arrows for tease you.  Which ones will you aim for and which will you abandon?  Perhaps you’ve got some clever moves and can skewer a pair of targets with one arrow.  Two birds with one shishkabob.  Even if you can pull off a few trick shots, it is probably not wise to assume you can do so consistently.   Mars’ opposition with Jupiter  points out that some activities must wait until later.  If you allow your focus to become too fragmented, it is difficult to hit a single target. Prioritize and focus.

Venus enters Libra: Saving Grace(s)

Venus enters Libra on Sunday  the 28th.  Venus is visible in the morning sky and in Libra for the first time since Saturn vacated it.  This is very strong position for the lady, able to smooth ruffled feathers and stimulate good times. Although the coming month holds a sticky Mercury retrograde and an un-nerving eclipse, we will have Venus in Libra with us until late November.  The elegant lady will help us remember our equilibrium and poise amidst challenging times.  A saving Grace, or perhaps the full trinity.

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Within Darken'd Halls

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