April 18th-24th: The Emperor's Gaze

April 18th-24th: The Emperor's Gaze

A number of important changes take place this week. The Sun and Venus both change signs this Wednesday.   The Sun leaves Aries for Taurus and Venus exits Pisces, entering Aries later the same day.  Mercifully, Mercury goes direct this week. These alterations to the planetary line-up initiate the next act in this season’s astro-drama.

The phase we are heading into is less insane than the one we’re leaving.  The Chaos card is shuffled back into the deck and replaced with the Emperor, whose stony, throne bound gaze asks us what, exactly, we’re going to do about all of this.

Sun into Taurus- Sowing Fire-Flowers

The Sun leaves incendiary Aries early Wednesday morning (5:17 AM CST), departing the Ram’s intense arena for the solid earth of Taurus.   In Taurus, the terrain the solar chariot will plow for the next 30 days, the Sun takes orders from Venus, who will be in Aries, along with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, until mid-May.  This shift to a benefic ruler, as well as Mercury’s direct station later this week, sets the stage for a more constructive period.  What flowers might bloom in such harsh soil?

Venus into Aries – Blossom

Venus moves into Aries this Wednesday night (11:06 PM CST).  Here the lady strips out of her Kwan-Yin robes and replaces them with a battle-hardened pair of chain mail panties (w/ matching Full Metal Bustier).  In Aries, Venus shines a light on kinetic aesthetics, the glory of struggle, the comraderie of action and sees the flower of the feminine emerge as a red orchid growing from the barrel of a flame-thrower.  For a more thorough treatment of the archetypal spirit of Venus in Aries, check out The Red Queen Effect.

For the next month, Venus will dance amidst the burning Towers, coaxing phoenixes from the ashes and blessing the land with the resurrecting power of flame.

Mercury Direct- The Emperor’s Headache

Mercury’s retrograde comes to an end this Saturday the 23rd (5:03 AM CST), the swift planet coming to a halt at directly opposite Saturn in Libra.  This brings the chaotic winds which have blown thoughts and communications awry for nearly 3 weeks to a rather cold and concrete place.  Mercury’s direct station will bring with it a mounting need to organize the chaos, to make sense of the madness- to flip that Emperor card rightside up. Out of the Emperor’s splitting headache comes Athena to organize and mobilize plans.   Expect communications and thoughts to move toward clarity as we traverse the week.

The opposition with Saturn in Libra poses the question that Mercury must answer- how to bring balance, to achieve equilibrium in the midst of such an intense and off-kilter period.

In some worlds, such as U.S. politics, balance is a very literal issue.  The Republicans and Democrats have been arguing during the entire Mercury retrograde as to how to balance the budget.  In other places, it is not fiscal balance that is being argued over, but instead social balance- the U.N. led bombing of Libya is rife with bickering about who should do how much.  It is one of the questions inherent to the Libra complex- the careful equilibrium of partnership.

Although most of us are not likely involved in international affairs, we have our own budgets and strategic alliances.  Mercury’s direct station highlights these situations, pointing our minds to the equilibrium we must bring to our lives.



Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer.  However, they are fun and can be reasonably accurate.  Read your from Ascendant and Moon signs if you know them.  If you don’t, find out. I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at astro.com.

Oh, and if you’re still concerned that your sign has changed, get a little clarity here.


Aries: The Ram

The Sun’s movement into Taurus on Wednesday pulls the spotlight toward your finances, as well as the general question of whether you’re accomplishing anything substantial with the increased energy at your disposal.

Wednesday night  Venus enters your sign, where she’ll be for the next month or so, igniting passions and catalyzing creative projects.

Saturday’s Mercury direct station asks you to bring balance to your significant relationships.  Pay special attention to the partnerships you’re building.

Taurus: The Bull

The Sun moves into your sign this Wednesday, bringing the solar spotlight to bear on who you are and what you’ve been doing.  Later this Wednesday, Venus joins the party in Aries, fueling feelings you weren’t sure you had.

Mercury’s direct station this Saturday asks you to bring order to the mess of half-conscious thoughts and feelings in play over the last several weeks and attend to the more practical pressures bearing on you right now.

Gemini: The Twins

The Sun’s movement in Taurus on Wednesday shifts the focus a bit to concrete affairs you may have neglected.  Venus’ movement into Aries later in the day adds energy to your social life, and sees you considering the benefits of being connected.

Mercury’s direct station on Saturday brings some order to the swirl of chaotic communications with friends, accomplices.  Plans to manifest creative projects may well coalesce out of the energies in play.

Cancer: The Crab

The Sun’s movement into Taurus shifts a little bit of the energy toward your network of friends, accomplices and contacts, suggesting that you reach out and pinch someone.  Venus’ movement into Aries will pull your passions toward your professional position, setting the stage for what may be a very productive month for you.

Mercury’s direct station on Saturday helps reconcile conflicts between your living situation and professional aspirations.

Leo: The Lion

The Sun’s movement into Taurus on Wednesday brings your professional situation into focus, while Venus’ ingress into Aries sees your passions follow your thoughts toward the fan of possibilities before you.

Mercury’s direct station on Saturday brings order to the visions of the different directions your life could go.  As you settle into a course of action outlined, make sure that your short term obligations are part of the direction you’re setting out in.

Virgo:  The Virgin

The Sun’s movement into Taurus on Wednesday pulls your attention toward your long term goals- where you’re going and why.  Later than day, Venus enters Aries, where she’ll reveal both the benefits and irritations of teamwork over the next month.

Mercury’s direct station sees your thoughts about who to join forces with settle into a more concrete form.  Consider both what you have to contribute as well as what you need before fixing agreements.

Libra:  The Scales

The Sun’s movement into Taurus pulls your attention toward what is shared between yourself and others.  Patterns of partnership and dependence are highlighted.  Venus’ entrance into Aries adds passion to your relationships, revealing the emotional layer of what has transpired over the last month.

Mercury’s direct station on Saturday sees your thoughts concerning  significant relationships come to a more stable and workable place.  As the channels of communication open, make sure to be honest about your own part in problematic dynamics.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

The Sun’s movement into Taurus on Wednesday begins to pull your attention towards the significant relationships in your life, or the lack thereof.  Later that day, Venus joins the party in Aries, asking you about the emotional component of the habits highlighted lately.

Mercury’s direct station this Saturday sees you considering your regular patterns of behavior and considering some of the psychological issues underpinning some of your worst habits.  You have to make sanity a habit, too.

Sagittarius: The Archer

The Sun’s movement into Taurus pulls your attention to the termites that somehow got into your bank account.  While you’re searching for the pesticide, Venus makes her way into Aries, where she’ll be stoking your creative fires for the next month.

Mercury’s direct station on Saturday sees your thinking on creative projects and in regard to love affairs beginning to clear up.  You’ll have to square dalliances with social obligations, and projects with audiences.

Capricorn:  The Goat

The Sun’s movement into Taurus this Wednesday brings the focus to what you’ve commited your creative energy to.  That night, Venus sneaks into Aries, where she’ll be highlighting your living situation for the next month or so.

Mercury’s direct station this Saturday sees living space issues speed toward resolution.  The question looming is how potential  living arrangements will contribute or detract from your professional goals.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

The Sun’s movement into Taurus this Wednesday pulls your attention toward stabilizing your living situation.  Late that night, Venus enters Aries, inflaming your passions and adding fire to your thought patterns.  Guard against unneccesary explosions.

Mercury’s direct station this Saturday turns back the tides of chaos that have overwhelmed your daily schedule.   As things begin to take form and find order, the question is how this set of short term priorities can be brought into coherence with your longer term goals.

Pisces:  The Fish

The Sun’s movement into Taurus on Wednesday shifts the spotlight to a number of peripheral, short term tasks you need to accomplish.  Late Wednesday night, Venus sneaks into Aries, highlighting the resources at your disposal for the next month.

Mercury’s direct station this Saturday brings some clarity to the questions surrounding your changing financial situation.  Consider both obligations and alliances with others as you contemplate how to move forward.

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April 18th-24th: The Emperor's Gaze

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