Astrology 9/19-9/25: Liminal Lucidity

Astrology 9/19-9/25: Liminal Lucidity

Though we’ve seen much of what September’s wyrm-hole has to offer, there are still some matters left to be resolved.  This is thus another liminal week.  After long weeks retrograde, Mercury stations direct on Wednesday.  Then, on Thursday, the Sun enters Libra, marking the moment of the Equinox.  Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio, with plans to explore its tunnels until October 18th.

Mercury Direct:  Arriving At The Station

This Wednesday, the 21st, Mercury slows to a halt, stops, and then resumes forward motion, bringing the planet’s three week retrograde to an end.  The week is thus haloed by slowly growing clarity.  You may see problems become transparent to the point of dissolution, crossed wires untangle, and highways open back up.

Mercury grinds to a halt in the 15th degree of Virgo, the single degree traditionally considered to be the place of greatest exaltation for the swift planet.  The insights which emerge here may thus be unusually powerful.  The path by which Mercury arrived at this point was twisted and difficult, the circumambulation long. Secrets had to be painstakingly dredged up from the depths.  It may thus be worth our while to stop and pay attention to the single point that the planet labored so long to make. To catch a glimpse of the messenger, look to the hours before sunrise, when the hidden planet emerges in the East to herald the coming of the Sun.  Then ask our solar system’s mailman if he has a special, if delayed, delivery just for you.

The Equinox: Seasonal Crossroads

The equinox arrives on Thursday, just one day after Mercury’s direct station.  From the Latin for “equal night,” it is the time of year when day and night are most equal in length.  The war between darkness and light ceases for just a moment, and the inner world is filled with the same momentary equilibrium apparent in the outer.  In this depolarized space, we can see back into the last season and forward into the next.  At this crossroads, we stand with one foot in the future, the other in the past, our right hand warmed by the sun and the left cooled by the moon.

Looking back, it has been a scorching summer, full of white-hot insight, volcanic catharsis, and needless bloodshed.  Here at the end of the season, we can see how all of it has changed the landscape we dwell within.  Burnt bridges and ruthless forges still glow.   Yet when we turn our gaze toward what is yet to come, the skies look less forbidding. They are not streaked angry red, but instead filled with a welcoming cerulean.  The clouds, too, look puffy and benign. With a little squeeze, it looks like they’d drop a gentle rain on the chaffed land below.  Looking deeper into the next season, you can see the bits of green where the rain has already fallen, seeding reconciliations.  Beyond the patchwork healing, you can see new territory ahead, which awaits both discovery and exploration.

This vision of recoveries and new possibilities becomes increasingly clear as we move toward Sunday, when the Sun and Jupiter conjoin in the fourth degree of Libra.  There’s a better, freer and more humane potential here, although to what degree it will become a reality is another question.  That is up to reality’s three wavers: the fates, the fortunes and you.

Venus Enters Scorpio:  Pleasure and Pain

On Friday, Venus enters tropical Scorpio, with plans to remain there until October 18th.  At times dark and delicious and at others negative and needy, Venus’s time in Scorpio provides for both hunger and satisfaction, for both pleasure and pain.  It highlights these polarities’ interdependence and the mystery of their unitary origin.

Though the bright planet’s tour of dark spaces includes some forbidden and taboo delights, it also pulls us to inspect the sewers and trash fires within and between us.  While some of what lies in shadow longs to be brought to light, there is a portion that is concealed for a good reason.  Within us, as well as within nature, there are photosensitive processes interrupted or corrupted by too much light.  Freud was in error- life is not a process of exposing everything hidden to glorious light.  If we did not give the darkness its due, we would have no beer or soy sauce.   Or, for that matter, human children.  The processes of incubation, fermentation and digestion require darkness and seclusion.  Meddling light-lovers do harm to these, despite their best intentions.  Sometimes what is in the dark is not begging for salvation- it is begging to be left alone.


Horoscopes are not a real chart reading by an experienced astrologer. They are fun and can be reasonably accurate, however. In addition to referring to your Sun sign, read from your Ascendant and Moon if you know them. If you don’t, find out! I’m a long time fan of the free chart generation software at
Aries: The Ram

The ingress of the Sun into Libra keeps the focus steady on your relationships. The combined light of the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of the scales may not hit you at your most flattering angle, but there is much to learn here about compromise, cooperation and diplomacy. Think about shoring up your weaknesses in these areas for now- the time for your strengths will shine comes later. Venus' ingress into Scorpio on Friday adds depth to this focus on relationships by making the exchanges of time, money and energy in your life visible. Consider the flows of blood, power and love which slosh between yourself and others.
Meanwhile, Mercury's direct station should help bring answers to practical problems which have nagged you throughout September. If you've been planning to implement a new diet or budget, consider Mercury's direct station your green light.

Taurus: The Bull

Mercury's direct station this week provides unusual clarity about how you allocate your creative power. Ideas about how you can invest your energy with greater efficiency abound. Don’t let these cognitions simply pass in one ear and out the other, though. Write them down and figure out how to implement them. Meanwhile, the Sun's ingress into Libra brings the star’s beams to bear on your physical health, as well as the balance of your bank account, offering a hint of solutions and improvements to come later. Later in the week, Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio, bringing relationships to forefront for the next month.

Gemini: The Twins

Mercury's direct station this week is likely to bring clarity to your relationships with your family, as well as those who are like family to you. In addition, if there has been confusion about your living situation, that too is likely to get cleared up. Meanwhile, the Sun crosses into Libra, putting the solar spotlight on what you're doing with your creative energy. Look boldly inward for the projects you’d most dearly love to realize over the next year. Venus' ingress into Scorpio on Friday, though, should serve to remind you that creation is work, and that even geniuses need to pay their bills, exercise and brush their teeth. The bright planet's time in Scorpio, which lasts until October 18th, asks you to find the joy that so often gets buried by labor.

Cancer: The Crab

Mercury's direct station this Wednesday should help clarify your schedule. If your orientation through time and space has been a little hectic lately, things should slowly stabilize over the course of the week. On Thursday, the Sun moves into Libra, illuminating your living situation, as well as bringing your familial relationships into the spotlight. In that light, you’ll be able to see where there’s room to grow. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio, where for the next month she'll be busy stirring up a frenzy of either intense creativity or extreme decadence. Or rather, likely a mixture of both.

Leo: The Lion

Mercury’s direct station this week should help clarify monetary matters. Considerable insight is available into the flows of capital in and out of your life this week. Take a little time to tune in. Meanwhile, the Sun enters Libra this Thursday, spotlighting how you regularly spend your time. There’s likely room for improvement in the way you schedule yourself, and so begin by asking yourself what your ideal calendar looks like. Finally, on Friday, Venus moves in Scorpio, with plans to burrow deep into your feelings about home and family.

Virgo: The Virgin

Mercury’s direct station on Wednesday will likely have you feeling mighty fine. Unless, of course, you were born with it natally retrograde, in which case it will be a little more complicated. Regardless, Mercury’s resumption of direct motion will see you similarly reoriented and ready to move forward. The Sun moves into Libra the following day, adding more emphasis to your financial sector, where opportunities are soon to appear. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio, where she will, over the next four weeks, highlight both the pleasures and pains of your schedule contains.

Libra: The Scales

Mercury’s direct station in Virgo this week should clear up a number of mysteries, giving you the numbers and facts you need to move forward. Meanwhile, the Sun moves into your sign, marking the beginning of your birthday season. With Jupiter in your sign now and for the next year, perhaps you should indulge yourself in a more spectacular fashion than usual. Let them gather to worship at the altar of your most excellent taste. Then, on Friday, Venus moves into Scorpio, where the bright planet has plans to both distribute financial pleasure and inflict monetary pain.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Mercury’s direct station on Wednesday should help clarify your social sphere, setting straight connections which have become muddied, and offering you insights into both the art of friendship and the science of networking. The Sun moves into Libra the next day, shifting the solar spotlight onto your diplomatic shortcomings. There will be much to learn about the virtues of compromise and mildness over the coming year, whether you like it or not. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters your sign, where the planet will remain for the next month. While within your lair, Venus will both stimulate and satisfy your hungers, though perhaps not to the degree you desire.

Sagittarius: The Centaur

Mercury’s direct station in Virgo this week should help clarify recently confused professional matters. As Mercury rises again in the East, it shines a penetrating light onto your career. If you take the time to gaze at what is illuminated, you will be rewarded with insights into the nature of your work and your place in the world. Meanwhile, the Sun enters Libra, marking the equinox. Our star’s ingress into the sign of the scales highlights the social and networking opportunities due to unfold for you over the next year. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio, stirring up strange desires, and perhaps impelling you to seek more privacy than usual.

Capricorn: The Goat

Mercury’s direct station on Wednesday should provide a rare clarity about your long term goals and direction. Set aside some time for detailed planning this week. On Thursday, the Sun enters Libra, bringing daylight to your professional life, an area of your life due for a growth spurt over the next year. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio, which will serve to magnetize you socially. You may find yourself unusually attracted and repelled by the people who populate your world.

Aquarius: The Waterbearer

The resources you share, the debts you owe and the partnerships you belong to all benefit from the clarity of Mercury’s direct station this week. Take advantage of this transactional lucidity. If there’s an agreement which you need to hash out or a debt that needs to be paid or collected, take some time this week to address it. Meanwhile, the Sun moves into Libra, turning its spotlight onto your long term goals and aspirations. The potential for real progress hangs in the air here, waiting to see what you’ll do to capitalize on it over the next year. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio, where she’ll work to lay bare the emotional landscape of your professional life over the next month.

Pisces: The Fish

Mercury's direct station this week should help provide clarity within your relationships. Insights into the dynamics of connection and communication abound. A day after Mercury's direct station, the Sun slips into Libra, further emphasizing the exchanges of time, money and energy in your life, as well as those resources you share with others. Take a moment to think about how you can get better at both asking for and providing help. Finally, on Friday, Venus enters Scorpio. While within the scorpion's burrow, Venus will teach you to find the pleasure of your path without ignore the pain natural to it.

Austin Coppock is a writer, esotericist and astrologer based in Ashland, OR. He published paperback Almanacs from 2011-15 but began posting his prognostications online last year, referring to his collection of weekly, monthly, yearly essays and daily delineations as “The Online Almanac”. This work is made possible by his supporters on Patreon. Austin was President of the non-profit organization “Association for Young Astrologers” from 2012-2016. His most recent book is “36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans”, published by Three Hands Press.


  1. Soulart Siren 3 years ago

    Thanks for that. Beautiful insight into the magic of concelament. ♡

  2. john 3 years ago

    Brilliant. From the intergalactical perspective as if one were physically of a God consciousness to the mundane gastronomic physicality of the kitchen pantry. Never a sense of inertia or nausea along the journey. You speak to the modern soul in the language of the ancients with uncommon sensitivity and miraculous grace.

    And omg, i think tomorrow the 21st is the last day i have to sign my residential lease, up for renewal oct. 1st, what timing!

    Thank you for this insprational summary of our planetary rulers & luminary counselors. Not to break the mood, what’s up with Lilith? Isn’t she in Scorpio, where she becomes a baby eating demon? I love Lilith, she is my senior editorial muse. But these days, i dunno…

    Merci beaucoup.

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