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    Scorpio 2018 (Oct 23 – Nov 21): Ordeal and Ascent

    From the Great Above she opened her ear to the Great Below. From the Great Above the goddess opened her ear to the Great Below. From the Great Above Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below. My Lady abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld. Inanna abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld. — Inanna’s […]
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    Astrology of 2018: The Lay of the Land

    2018 is a year of beginnings, although many of them may lo like endings. We are introduced to dynamics which will take us well into the next decade, yet also reek of the past. It is our first of several years in a place where the past and future overlap to an unsettling degree, the historical version of the lands […]
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    Astrology Aug 12th-22nd (♌III): Bright Masks and Dark Mirrors

    In the third face of Leo, which the Sun enters on August 12th, appears a figure sitting on a carved throne.  Above them, emblazoned with proud sigils, flies an immense banner.  Loing closely at the one sitting on the throne, a variety of faces flash by.  Accounts vary as to their visage.  In the past, some saw a crude […]
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    Astrology Aug 2nd-11th (♌II): The Wounded Lion

    The Sun rises in the second decan of Leo on the morning of August 2nd. The Sun will prowl this span of the sky until August 12th, when it enters Lion’s third and final face. During the previous decan, we saw a serpent of incandescent spirit descend into matter. The fire snake coalesced into a lion and wrestler and their […]
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    July 2017: Fire Ceremony

    One of the few configurations which holds throughout this July is the relationship between Mars and the Sun. The two are close enough all month to make Mars invisible to the naked eye. They begin July only 7 degrees apart, and that increment slowly narrows until the two conjoin on the 26th. This is the only part of Mars’ 2-ish […]
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