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  • July 2017: Fire Ceremony

    One of the few configurations which holds throughout this July is the relationship between Mars and the Sun. The two are close enough all month to make Mars invisible to the naked eye. They begin July only 7 degrees apart, and that increment slowly narrows until the two conjoin on the 26th. This is the only part of Mars’ 2-ish […]
  • June 2017: Winds Above, Waters Below

    June begins with a series of broadly fortunate changes. Venus and Mercury both return home to signs they rule, and the greater benefic, Jupiter, stations direct. The winds here are strong, but favorable. The middle of the month is a bit challenging, as its dynamics pivot around the Sun and Mercury’s opposition with Saturn. The last third of June, […]
  • May 2017: The Torch of Prometheus

    Though there are a few interesting sideplots, May’s primary story is undoubtedly a tale about Saturn and Uranus. The two planets complete a trine this month, the second in their series of three. As I wrote of this pair in The Astrology of 2017 – Though the trine (120 degrees) is usually a happy angle, through which energy is easily […]
  • April 2017: In Magic Chains To Bind

    April’s story, though possessed of many details, can be bren down into two major parts. These are the plots spun out by Mercury and Venus’ retrograde cycles. The month begins with Venus retrograde, but the morning star has plans to reassume forward motion on the 15th. Meanwhile, Mercury will station retrograde on the 9th, and remain so for the rest […]
  • March 2017: “In Like A…”

    It is said of March that it comes “in like a lion, and out like a lamb.”  This is almost true this year, as the beginning of the month is fearsome indeed.  Yet the lion is not exactly the right animal exemplar, for the beast which rides the first portion of March is of a fantastic, imaginal nature- a spirit-beast […]
  • February 2017: Time Machine

    February’s skies promise a month both fast and strange. Mars and Venus’ presence in Aries pushes the pace of the month, accelerating it through a pair of eclipses which promise to take us across peculiar terrain. We’ll ride the eclipse dragon, like a roller-coaster, through tunnels ablaze with images. Visions of the future abound, which upon inspection lo suspiciously like […]
  • January 2017: Opening Gambit

    The year begins with a set of chess pieces, d up and awaiting orders. January is full of strategic considerations, for it is here that we decide upon our opening gambit. Beginnings are unique – they offer a freedom that no other phase does. Once we make our moves and the world responds, we will inevitably be caught up in […]
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