Nodes & Eclipses

  • Aquarius 2019 — Of Masks and Mirrors

    By on January 19, 2019

    The Sun’s time in Aquarius this year (January 19th – February 18th) is extremely frontloaded. The majority of significant...

    Austin Coppock
  • 2019 Yearly: The Road We Travel

    By on January 2, 2019

    This year begins with a death rattle and the cries of a woman giving birth. The sounds fill and...

    Austin Coppock
  • Capricorn 2018 (Dec 21 – Jan 19): The Alchemy of Lead

    By on December 21, 2018

    While the Sun’s time in Sagittarius highlighted the opportunities which Jupiter in Sagittarius will be handing out throughout the...

    Austin Coppock
  • Seattle: Lecture & Workshops

    By on January 31, 2011

    I’ll be in Seattle from the 3rd-10th of February, and have a few events planned for the weekend. There...

    Austin Coppock
  • Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

    By on December 19, 2010

    The lunar eclipse this Monday night/Tuesday morning, the 21st, is the first eclipse in the new series on the...

    Austin Coppock
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