January 26, 2012

Astrology 23rd-29th: Enter The Dragon

     The week begins with Chinese New Year, initiating us officially into the Year of the Black Dragon. Mars supplies the dragon’s opening salvo, stationing retrograde […]
October 26, 2010

Astrology 25-31: Chrysalis Discomfort

“Cocoon” by Jennybird Alcantara This week we make it to the center of the situation, with the Sun in Scorpio moving to conjoin a retrograde Venus […]
August 12, 2010

Red Light, Green Light

Green Light: Venus Crazy Aunt, Disobedient Daughter In Greek myth, a distinction is made between two forms of Aphrodite/Venus. One is Aphrodite Ourania, the “celestial” Aphrodite, […]
December 7, 2009

Mars in Leo: Shadow Play

In essence, Mars’ journey through Leo asks us to define what our own, unique power is- the strength that proceeds from who we truly are.  This […]
August 26, 2009

Mars in Cancer: Heart of the Werewolf

“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” In traditional astrology, Mars is considered to be in his “Fall” or “Depression” in Cancer.  This means that, of […]