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  • July 2017: Fire Ceremony

    By on June 30, 2017

    One of the few configurations which holds throughout this July is the relationship between Mars and the Sun. The...

    Austin Coppock
  • Mars in Leo: Shadow Play

    By on December 7, 2009

    In essence, Mars’ journey through Leo asks us to define what our own, unique power is- the strength that...

    Austin Coppock
  • Archetypal Armory: Mars in Leo

    By on October 16, 2009

      Wherever Mars journeys, he poses questions to us that concern power and the lack thereof.  Mythically and symbolically,...

    Austin Coppock
  • Equinox September 2009

    By on September 23, 2009

    The Equinox comes.   The days of the week hang suspended between light and darkness.  The temporary balance of the...

    Austin Coppock
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