June 12, 2012

Jupiter in Gemini

 The following is an excerpt from my 2012 Astrological Almanac.  The 2015 Astrological Almanac is now available. Get yours before the wheel turns. Jupiter enters Gemini on […]
May 14, 2012

The Silent Eye

  This week entails two very interesting celestial events.  First, on Tuesday morning, Venus stations retrograde, beginning her 6 week retreat across the sky’s catwalk.    Then, […]
May 7, 2012

Tomorrow's Fields

The week begins as the last of the weekend’s “super moon” disappears beneath the horizon.  Early in the week Mercury enters Taurus, the financial fields where […]
May 1, 2012

Astrology 4/30-5/6: Dark Spaces, Silver Light

Photo by Sigurd Rage The Moon waxes its way to fullness, shining out over a week of mixed influences.  The Sun strides closer to conjunction with […]
April 17, 2012

Astrology 4/16-4/22: The Wind In The Grass

  The Moon wanes its way toward invisibility over resetting circumstances.  The week begins with Mercury’s re-entry into Aries, the sign the swift planet turned retrograde […]
April 10, 2012

Astrology 4/9-4/15: Quenching The Blade

Photo by Thierry Brésillon The Moon wanes over a week of powerful changes.  First, Tuesday sees small Pluto station retrograde in Capricorn, shadowing the early week.  […]
April 3, 2012

Astrology 4/2-4/8: Surface Tension

The Full Moon falls at the end of a busy week.  Early Tuesday Venus gets up off of Taurus’ chez lounge and enters Gemini, beginning a […]
March 27, 2012

Astrology 3/26-4/1: Root Cause Analysis

  We move through the first quarter of the lunar cycle this week, gathering the tasks to be completed and problems yet to be solved.   This […]
March 19, 2012

Astrology 3/19-3/25: Turning The Quarter

  This week sees both the season and the lunar cycle shift, setting the stage for the next phase.  Yet things are still over-run with unfinished […]
March 12, 2012

Astrology 3/12-3/18: Tectonic Drift

This week begins an interesting, complicated and somewhat chaotic period that will last for the rest of March.  Disparate combinations stain the skies over the coming […]
February 14, 2012

Astrology 13th-19th: Rising Tide

The Moon wanes over a week of transitions.   Mercury enters Pisces on Monday, starting things off with the messenger’s shift into the spacey, imaginative sign.  The […]
February 7, 2012

Astrology Feb. 6th-12th: Bring To A Boil

    This week we gaze into the boiling fluids of the Water-Bearer’s bowl, scrying what futures we may be headed toward. Things get moving early […]
January 17, 2012

Astrology 16th-22nd: Bubble, Bubble…

The slowly disappearing Moon wanes its way across the first half of the week, overseeing the Sun in Capricorn’s square with Saturn in Libra.  The Sun-Saturn […]
January 10, 2012

Astrology 9th-15th: The Relating Triad

The week begins still humming from last Sunday’s Full Moon in Cancer, but moves swiftly into its own series of developments.   With Mercury,  Venus and […]
January 3, 2012

Astrology Jan. 2nd-8th: Let Us Begin

  The first week of the year begins slowly but hosts a cluster of interesting influences at its end.  The work week sees Mercury apply to […]
December 22, 2011

The Astrology of 2012 and Yearly Horoscopes

The following is an excerpt from my 2012 Astrological Almanac.  This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, horoscopes, an ephemeris, a yearly walk-through, and […]
December 20, 2011

Astrology Dec. 19th-25th: Conversations With Janus

The entire week is haloed by the Solstice, one of the year’s pivot points.  In this place between seasons, several important shifts take place.  First, on […]
December 7, 2011

Astrology Dec. 5th-11th: Fusion Power

This week holds a release we’ve been waiting for.  After months retrograde, Uranus stations direct in Aries this Friday.  Uranus’ vigorous but unruly station is followed […]
November 29, 2011

Astrology Nov.28-Dec.4: Beneath The Veil

On the surface, there is confusion, but underneath a variety of important shifts are in process. This week the Moon waxes its way between eclipses while […]
November 7, 2011

Astrology Nov. 7th-13th: Engage Stabilizers

This relatively auspicious week sees Neptune’s direct station on Wednesday, Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus and the movement of Mars into Virgo.  This week sees the […]
November 1, 2011

Astrology Oct.31st – Nov.6th: A Good Start

This week the waxing Moon looks over an increasingly enthusiastic set of celestial circumstances.   On Wednesday morning, Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius, exciting the passions and […]
October 25, 2011

Astrology 24th-30th: Itchy Old Skin

The week begins on a low energy note, waning Luna moving slowly toward Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio.  On the way there, Venus and Mars close […]
October 18, 2011

Astrology 17th-23rd: The Threshold of Restraint

This week the Moon wanes over a changing line up of planets and dynamics.  Throughout the week we move toward Friday’s Sun-Neptune trine, lending it a […]
October 13, 2011

Wheel of Misfortune: The Zodiac of Horror

Slip through the black hole of your fears, and emerge into a strange but familiar place.  Universe B,  Xibulba, the Nightside- the skies over this dark […]
October 11, 2011

Oct. 10th-16th: X-Ray Inspection

  The intense week climaxes early with Tuesday’s Full Moon in Aries, whose kinetic and inflammatory energy threatens the mandatory equilibrium imposed by the Sun’s pending […]
September 14, 2011

Sept. 12th-18th: Tight Rope

    The Moon wanes as the week descends steadily towards the Equinox.  Venus enters Libra on Wednesday, but spends the rest of the week trying […]
August 29, 2011

Aug. 29th-Sept. 4th: Down To Business

   The week begins as a new lunar cycle unfolds.  No Cardinal Crosses, no Mercury retrograde.  This week begins with a set of dynamics that will […]
August 22, 2011

Aug. 22nd-28th: 'Round The Wheel Goes

This week tugs once more at August’s rough pattern before gathering its loose ends to spin September’s tales. A number of important transitions occur this week.  […]
August 15, 2011

15th-21st: Gilded Tempest

After a harrowing pair of weeks, this one sees golden light creep through the storm clouds, though it does not disperse them.  We have entered a […]
August 8, 2011

8th-14th: Fear Is The Mind-Killer

The 2nd not-so-great week in a row, this one will see us through the most stressful planetary configurations we’ll have to wrestle with for the rest […]